Next storm approaching, ice and snow possible – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2020-12-30 19:39:50 –

Today and part of Thursday, we are between the systems. Sunshine has been released from the clouds. The chilly temperatures continue until a strong storm hits our area from late Thursday to Friday.

Winter Storm Watch (which is likely to be upgraded by the National Weather Service in the next few hours) and Winter Weather Recommendations Oklahoma to explain slippery conditions from ice and heavy objects from Thursday night to Friday Effective snowfall from western Kansas to central and eastern Kansas.

After 7 pm on Thursday, the first increase in humidity to the southeastern counties is seen. This humidity is tracked northwest. As it is, the temperature will drop.

Over the night, temperatures range from 29 to 33 degrees Celsius, and most of the humidity drops. The first is rain, which soon turns into icy rain and sleet. We don’t think we’ll stay there until it’s air-conditioned overnight and it snows. Southeastern Kansas may be mixed.

This will have a big impact on the trip on Friday. Total ice reserves range from 0.10 inches to 0.25 inches and are locally high southeast of the Turnpike.

The most dynamic parts of the system where heavy snowfall can occur are aligned in central and eastern Kansas. It can snow a few inches. As the storm approaches tomorrow night, the heavier snow shaft can still wobble.

Winds should also be taken into account, as gusts of 35-45 MPH can occur. This reduces visibility.

I will recover and clean up on the weekend. In places where most of the snow falls, it’s hard to warm up from this weekend to next week while maintaining highs in the 30s and 40s. By the middle of next week, we had another chance of rain and snow.

– Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman

Next storm approaching, ice and snow possible Source link Next storm approaching, ice and snow possible

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