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CBS and NBC advertised their 2021 NFL season coverage plans at a conference call last week.

He’s 76 years old, but Al Michaels has no plans to quit his NFL broadcast job anytime soon.

If you think the NFL studio show is full of laughter, backslaps, and guffs (some of which are even honest), you should listen to zoom conference calls with different personalities from different rights-holding networks. is.

When CBS and NBC advertised their 2021 NFL season coverage plans last week, I had to keep an eye on them several times. Julian Edelman, a newcomer to “Inside the NFL” for the 15th time, jokingly joked with his colleague Phil Simms, “Mister. Simms” because you see it. .. .. Well, I don’t really know why. I might have been hitting my head against my filing cabinet when he finally explained it.

Fortunately, Zoom has some useful broadcast information and opinions to me. The sampling is as follows:

Jim Nantz, who called the scene with Tony Romo and Tracy Wolfson in the Chiefs Browns match in the first week, underestimated how the lack of face-to-face interaction affected last season’s broadcast. Said that.

“Our team played 21 games last year, but we didn’t eat together, including the Super Bowl,” Nantz said. “Absolutely zero socialization. That’s a big deal. To be honest, it’s a bigger problem than meeting players and coaches in person. I haven’t met Tony in person for five months.

“The nuances of broadcasting come from the time we spend with people on the air. We talk directly at dinners and production meetings. Last year we sat in our room and did nothing but deliver food to the door and isolate it. I didn’t. This team is a great group of people and I’m excited to get to know this team again as it will improve the broadcast. “

Fred Gaudi has produced prime-time NFL broadcasts for 32 years and has won 24 Emmy Awards, so he has a pretty good understanding of what works with NFL television broadcasts.

So it was interesting to hear him despise the cinematic “shallow depth of field” look that gives the broadcast a distinctive video game feel.

“Call me old-fashioned,” said Gaudelli, who has been producing “Sunday Night Football” since 2006. It is out of focus and the background is in focus. It doesn’t blow up other people’s shows, but it’s inconsistent enough and doesn’t match the look of other cameras. “

CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus said the network’s NFL broadcast team will be onsite this season, with the exception of the adjustments required by the pandemic.

“There is no way to argue that the team is sitting in the studio as much as they are sitting live. [at the venue]..Cost effective [to have them in studio]But it’s not incredibly cost-effective.

“What you are basically doing is saving [travel and expenses] For announcement crews, statisticians, and spotters. I don’t consider it a major change in our industry. I think it happens relatively several times, and in the meantime. I have no plans to do that in next year’s NFL schedule. “

There is speculation in the media that this will be the final season of Al Michaels in “Sunday Night Football,” but the 76-year-old legend, still called a great game, hasn’t decided yet. Stated. ..

“I don’t know what the future holds, and that’s true,” Michaels said. “That is, I think it will be a little clearer towards the end of the season. See how I feel about certain things. But what I know is that I want to make this. It’s just. This is my 36th year in prime time football and it’s great. Then I’ll see what happens. “

The NBC is broadcasting the Super Bowl LVI this season, so in theory it could be his last match.

Rodney Harrison has begun his 13 seasons as part of the “Football Night in America” ​​broadcast team, but for the first time, the safety of former patriots isn’t in the studio. Rather, he will be an on-site pre-match and post-match analyst with host Jack Collinsworth. This means Harrison is in Foxboro for the fourth week’s broadcast of the Patriots-Buccaneers match NBC.

Harrison already believes in the Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones for the record. [No. 10] Was the jersey 2? Then he will look like Tom Brady. He will look like young Tom Brady. The fact that they trusted him very early on did not let him talk and give him a variety of things, so their attacks were never restricted at Mac Jones. “

NFL broadcasters are glad to be back in the stadiums again Source link NFL broadcasters are glad to be back in the stadiums again

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