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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-06-16 15:50:57 –

The NFL and the NFL Players Association have reached an agreement on a new protocol for the 2021 season for fully vaccinated players and staff. Specifically, we’ll address summer training camps and pre-season gaming policies that take place within a few weeks. NFL network..

The changes reflect recent guidance updates from the CDC and other health professionals for fully vaccinated Americans.

Fully vaccinated players will no longer have to undergo daily COVID-19 testing and will not need to wear masks at team facilities. However, it is tested every two weeks to find breakthrough cases.

In addition, vaccinated individuals do not need to be quarantined after high-risk exposure to COVID-19 cases.

This protocol point can have a significant impact on field performance. Last year, those identified during contact tracing as having high-risk exposure to positive COVID-19 cases had to be quarantined for 5 days. This has eliminated many teams from star athletes, head coaches, or critical staff.

During one game, Denver Broncos did not have any of the four quarterbacks eligible to play due to the quarantine and exposure protocols of the time.Broncos decides to pull the practice team Wide receiver Intervene as most quarterbacks in the game.

Players who are not fully vaccinated must take daily tests, wear masks at team facilities, and are prohibited from gathering outside club facilities. People who have not been vaccinated also saidBanned from Go to nightclubs, bars, house parties, concerts and more. “

If a player, coach, or staff violates these protocols, they may be fined $ 50,000 for the first violation.

Fully vaccinated media members can interview players and coaches directly.

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