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Riverside, California 2021-05-07 20:16:49 –

One NFL general manager has proposed this week to cut players who have not been vaccinated with COVID-19.

The NFL team cannot release a player just because the player is not v.COVID-19 certification, A person who knows the league’s directives directly told the Associated Press on Friday.

Buffalo Bills General Manager Brandon Beane Virtually Proposed This Week He would do so if it offered more freedom within the team facility for meetings and off-season programs.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the league did not publish the directive. The NFL is currently developing further plans and protocols for off-season programs and training camps.

“The team can’t release a player just because of vaccination status,” he said.

The league also allows vaccinated players to move away from club facilities and gather and interact with other such players.

The same is true for the staff. However, players and staff, including coaches, may not do so at this time, according to NFL notes obtained by the AP.

It is also being considered to allow teams to hold training camps away from their home facilities. These clubs submit a complete medical and protocol plan that “shows how clubs comply with the NFL-NFLPACOVID-19 protocol at proposed alternative locations (including related hotels and transportation).” is needed.

The team’s plans are subject to review and approval by the NFL-NFLPA Joint COVID Medical Committee.

One of the teams that regularly hosts some of the training camps elsewhere is Dallas. In March, owner Jerry Jones was looking forward to doing so again.

“We have our plans, and I guarantee you are there … Most of you have to think from time to time,” Well the times will be better “He said. “Are you looking at the more promising economic future of the NFL than others have seen or said? This tells you everything you need to know about what you think about the future of the NFL. If you go to Oxnard, there is a training camp and you can do it safely. The stadium is full and you can do it safely. “

Bean’s answer on Wednesday was to a question about the possibility of cutting unvaccinated athletes at the bottom of Buffalo’s 53 roster. It happened when the NFL relaxed restrictions on staff and athletes for fully vaccinated teams.

“You saw it in the field house. We had three and four meetings, sometimes talking to each other. But it’s socially far away from doing it. It was the only way to be, “he said of the NFL protocol, which limits the number of players that can be met at one time. “Therefore, reducing the number of players and joining them is an advantage of the less restrictive protocol.”

Last year, teams were limited to hosting most meetings via Zoom, limiting the number of players and coaches they could meet at one time. Team officers and athletes also had to undergo daily COVID-19 testing and wear masks.

Beane hopes that these restrictions will be relaxed, noting that the rules have not yet been determined.

“I think there are some incentives. If the” X “percent of players and staff are vaccinated, they can lead a normal life. Let’s call it back in time, “he said.

“Otherwise it would look like last year,” Bean added. “But if that’s the rule, I hope we can have enough people to get vaccinated and not have to deal with all the headaches.”

The NFL and the NFL Players Association encourage, but do not require players to be vaccinated.

Contributed by AP professional football writer Schuyler Dixon and sports writer John Wawrow.

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NFL won’t cut players not COVID vaccinated, AP source says Source link NFL won’t cut players not COVID vaccinated, AP source says

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