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Following the riots at the US Capitol last week, security has been strengthened at the New Hampshire and Maine State Capitols in response to warnings of possible armed protests prior to the inauguration of Joe Biden in the presidential election.

On Monday, from January 16th to 20th, the FBI sent a warning to law enforcement agencies warning the call for a “peaceful armed protest” in all 50 state capitols and Washington, DC.

Parliamentarians in New Hampshire and Maine emphasized that peaceful protests are welcome, but the issue is not. “It would be foolish not to worry about what happened in DC,” one said.

So far, there are no fences or visible police around the New Hampshire General Court, but Speaker of the House Sherman Puckard, R-Londonderry, said Tuesday that preparations were underway in case of emergency. I did.

Packard has heard of state-by-state protest calls and is in contact with Concord’s House Security, he said.

The security of the Maine Capitol has been strengthened in response to warnings of possible further violence over the inauguration of Joe Biden in the presidential election during last week’s violence at the US Capitol.

“We are confident that state police and house security can contain all the problems that could arise in the event of a problem,” Packard said.

Colonel Nate Neues, head of the New Hampshire Police Department, said the ministry is working with law enforcement colleagues to ensure security, but does not say whether the barricade will take place.

“It will be a co-determination at this point,” Neues said. “The demo is nothing new to our state and our organization, and we will continue to monitor the event as it unfolds, but for now state police can handle this properly. I’m sure. “

Packard added that all protesters planning to head to the State Capitol are encouraged to protest peacefully.

“If you come, you are obviously welcome. This is a building of people, but do it peacefully. Do not destroy the building and try to destroy anything in any way,” Packard said. Said.

In Maine, the Public Security Bureau, which oversees Maine and Parliament police, said Tuesday that the state capitol was being secured.

If additional assistance is needed, the Maine State Guard is included in the security debate.

The FBI has sent a warning that armed protests could be planned at all US state capitols from January 16th to 20th.

For now, the Public Security Bureau is focusing on events that Biden may take office this Sunday and Wednesday, January 20th.

“My goal is to ensure that the people who work here, the general public here, are safe and secure,” said Troy, President pro tempore of Maine, who is also part of the security talks on the Augusta Parliament Building. Jackson, D-Allagash said.

In an interview with NECN and NBC10 Boston, Jackson said he is currently undergoing a couple of safety briefings a day, at least some of which are related to the FBI.

He also noticed an increasing presence of security in the State Capitol. Additional precautions are taken that are not normally found.

“It’s another time, and we want to make sure people cover every angle of the place,” he said, saying he didn’t personally adjust his work routine in response to potential threats. Added.

One of the most visible changes in the Maine State Capitol is at the front door.

The coronavirus pandemic kept the building out of the open for several months, but allowed us to enter the building and approach an indoor security desk.

As of last week, all front doors were locked and security was something that visitors without an access badge would meet before they could get inside, but the vast majority of states never had to enter the building. It is decreasing. Home employees are working remotely.

“My concern is that we have plans to prepare,” said Ryan Fectou, Speaker of the House of Representatives at D-Biddeford.

Stephen Dan Tuono, deputy director of the FBI Washingtonfield office, and Michael Sherwin, a U.S. lawyer, told reporters Tuesday that they expect hundreds of people to be prosecuted in connection with the Capitol riots. .. D’Antuono also defended the FBI’s response to pre-riot information: “The FBI cannot initiate an investigation without a threat of violence or suspicion of criminal activity. This was a matter of online debate. . ”

“Finally there was a demo at [Maine’s] The Capitol seems to have done a really good job for several months, with Capitol police to ensure that these demonstrations maintain peace, “he said.

That said, both support all peaceful protests, but Fecto and Jackson give a harsh indication of what could happen if a riot like the US Capitol occurs somewhere. I want to stay vigilant in the light.

“I’m definitely worried,” Jackson said. “I don’t know if that will happen, but don’t worry about what happened in DC, you’ll be foolish.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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