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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-10-18 13:39:29 –

Tucson, Arizona — “NHL22” was almost certain to be registered as a result of a crosscheck on the board due to two external factors. A full-scale debut on the new generation console and the debut of the expansion team. ..

Hardcore NHL fans need to get this year’s game just because it includes the Seattle Kraken and plays on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S or X. However, there are many other tweaks to seduce players, as in the second half of the game. A deficit in one goal pulls the goalkeeper away from the ice.

The most important of the additions is the implementation of the X-Factor ability that extends to superstars. This means a game-changing ability to lift special players above the pack in categories such as shooting, skating, passing, and intelligence.

No matter how many statistical boosts were put into a particular player, video game hockey didn’t completely capture what turned a player like Connor McDavid or Alex Ovechkin into an ice god. X-Factors — Congratulates players on magical qualities not found in other players — a little closer to reality.

There are some other nifty touches, such as a good commentary team and enhanced broadcasts.

Real-time statistics are projected onto the playing surface and walls, just as they are on TV.

Tech geeks appreciate the fine touches that improve vision and physics. Devs has introduced the Frostbite engine. This adds corrections and improvements from everything from jersey cloth, face animations, skin shading, skate sprays, player recognition of puck positions, and more.

If you’re looking for fantasy instead of the harsh truths of the real world — look at you, Coyote and Rangers fans — it’s the ultimate team to immerse you in. With new slate of power-ups and reward drops for card-based team wins, there’s plenty of playability when tearing open card packs and strengthening your team with past and present players. Devs has responded to player demands to play games at any time, rather than the tedious scheduling system of previous editions.

World of Chel captures the bohemian spirit of street games. This mode has minimal enhancements, but the sophisticated menu interface makes it easy to enter palate cleansing mode.

The NHL22 also sticks to some legacy strengths, including the presence of “NHL94” style controls (my favorite method) that prioritize ease of use and momentum and avoid advanced thumbstick nuances. increase.

There was no complete reinvention of the pack here, and there was no order, but the gradual progress of “NHL 22” goes beyond justifying its location on the roster. The puck may fall, but the expectations of video game hockey fans never fall.

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