Nick Jonas Fixes Priyanka Chopra Fashion Awards — Photo – Hollywood Life

This year’s husband! Nick Jonas was right there to finish everything perfectly when the Priyanka Chopra coat train needed to be secured to the red carpet at The Fashion Awards.

Nick Jonas, 29, with him Priyanka Chopra, 39, posed to take a picture on The red carpet Fashion award In London on November 29th. The long train in Priyanka’s floral jacket wasn’t ready for the camera, so Nick intervened for salvation. He sweetly repaired the Priyanka train and it was perfect for the photo. Priyanka had the biggest smile on her face when Nick was helping her.

Nick Jonas modifies Priyanka Chopra’s dress at the London Fashion Awards. (David Fisher / Shutterstock)

When everything was ready, the power couple took a picture together. Priyanka’s floral coat matched her floral jumpsuit. Nick wore a red pop black suit, including a red shirt, a red handkerchief, and red shoes. Nick posted a photo on Instagram with Priyanka in front of the red carpet and praised his wife as a “star of the show.”

The couple just spent a Thanksgiving vacation together in London, where Priyanka is currently filming. Posted by both Nick and Priyanka Sweet pictures together And they spewed out how grateful they were to each other.

Nick and his brother Joe When Kevin, Recently grilled about everything Those purity rings In their acting career inside Jonas Brothers Family Roast.. Priyanka roasted Nick And even brought up rumors that their marriage was a “promotional stunt.”Priyanka said, “I don’t want to marry another person, everyone. Of course, unless it is. Chris Hemsworth Suddenly I became single. May change things. “

She also raised them Age difference of 10 years To one point. “There are a lot of 90’s pop culture references that he doesn’t understand. I need to explain them to him. It’s okay to teach others,” she said of the age difference. She continued. “For example, he taught me how to use TikTok. I taught him what a successful acting career would be like.”

Nick Jonas Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas pose together on the red carpet. (David Fisher / Shutterstock)

There is clearly no spiciness after roasting. The couple keeps killing the red carpet game and looks like they’re in love more than ever!

Nick Jonas Fixes Priyanka Chopra Fashion Awards — Photo – Hollywood Life

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