Nick Viol warns Katie’s “single” man on a group date

With the help of Nick Viol, Katie Thurston I learned a lot about her suitor during the episode on Monday, June 21st. Single, And the former bachelor’s degree is now open about working with producers to plan dates We weekly“Here is the right reason.”

“This is a collaboration. [Production and I] Discussing together, we definitely worked together creatively. Sure, it wasn’t just me, “said the” Viall Files “host, who often advises on the” Ask Nick “episode of the podcast. We weekly After the episode aired on Monday. “When I talk to everyone, I can say I scared them a bit in the sense that I get DM from the exe every season. [of the contestants on the show].. I ignore them-because it makes little sense-but the important thing is that things like this always come up, right? And how good it feels to have Katie hear it from you! It’s much better to say, “Hey, I just own who I am.” “

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During a group date, Katie contestants discussed their “danger signal” and admitted cheating in past relationships.Nick We It Hannah brownWinner, Jed WyattIf he was more open from the beginning, the ending of the series could have been very different. He tried to recommend it to the Season 17 cast on a group date.

“I’m still waiting [that] Jed in Hannah Brown’s season storyline could have been very different, “Nick said. WeMentions that Hannah broke up with Jed shortly after his proposal In the claim that he was not honest about his past relationships.. “I believe Jed really fell to Hannah Brown, but the moment he fell to her, he decided to lie to himself, to the producer, to lie to Hannah. [saying], “I don’t know what to do” And Hannah really liked Jed, so they would have helped him try to help him. If Jed owned who he was, the storyline could have been very different. “

on Monday episodeNick felt that Katie’s contestants weren’t afraid to go there.

“People just want to know that you will be honest with them. No one wants or expects perfection. And we always make the mistake of sugar-coating things.” By the way, I definitely smoked this moment, and that’s what I learned, “explained Nick. “People are not only attracted to it [but] They are very refreshed by it. It’s really free. It was good that they really accepted it, and they definitely set foot, you know, Thomas is not so many, [the rest of them] I did a good job. “

Watch and listen to the video above to learn more about Nick and Katie’s journey We weekly“Here for the Right Reasons” podcast.

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Nick Viol warns Katie’s “single” man on a group date

Source link Nick Viol warns Katie’s “single” man on a group date

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