Nicki Minaj calls on Jessie J to comment on “Bang Bang”

Two different stories. Nicki Minaj There were some things to clarify later Jessie J She claimed to have asked to be part of the 2014 song “Bang Bang”.

A 33-year-old British musician told the story of her version behind the track on Thursday, August 5th. Glamour interview.

“‘Bang Bang’ was a song that already existed. I didn’t write’Bang Bang’. Max Martin I wrote “bang bang” [Ariana Grande] I’ve played it, I’ve played it, and we both loved it. We said, “Why don’t we both do that?” So Ariana stayed in the second poem, I recorded the first poem, then Nikki played it in the studio and said, “I have to jump into this,” Jessie J said. rice field. “We didn’t go to her and ask. She wanted to do it.”

but, Minage’s memory is different From the story of the “Price Tag” singer.

“Babe @JessieJ I didn’t hear the song, so I asked 2get. Label asked me2get for it and paid me. How did you hear the song?” “Super Bass” Rapper, 38, I have written Via Twitter on Thursday. “Chiiille I’m a damn song monitor? Searching for Chilean songs? This was recently told by another artist. Yallgotta stops Love U [SIC].. “

After fans told Minage that she believed in her story, the Grammy nominee said she Still a fan of Jessie J as an artist..In another tweet, “Tusa” rapper Added She wanted to appear in the British native song “Do It Like a Dude” released in 2011.

“The worst part about this has never been asked to me” like a man. ” I’ve been crazy about the song ever since I heard it, “writes Trinidad’s native. “I’m promoting in the UK and I listened to it on the radio. My artist [Parker Ighile] Cowrot it.I would have rode that one for some pickled cucumber juice [SIC].. “

In addition to a statement that upset her collaborators, Jessie J, who has not publicly responded to Minage’s recent comments, said Glamour About the excitement she felt when she first heard the rapper’s “Bang Bang” poem.

“I’ll never forget. I was in the bedroom of my apartment in London and I was sent a version with Nikki on it. I just sat on the edge of the bed and gazed at the floor with my phone and said,” How this Did you land? ” Literally, I felt like I won the tournament, “she told the magazine.

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Nicki Minaj calls on Jessie J to comment on “Bang Bang”

Source link Nicki Minaj calls on Jessie J to comment on “Bang Bang”

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