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Nicki Minaj seems angry with Jessie J’s comment on “Bang Bang” collaborators on how rappers “asked” to participate in hits.

Nicki Minaj Taken to the internet to clean the air about her song “Bang Bang” Jessie J When Ariana Grande..The 38-year-old rapper With recent features of Jessie J Glamour Published Thursday, August 5, a British singer-songwriter, 33, analyzed some of her biggest hits. The rapper seemed angry when Jesse said Nikki asked him to ride a “bang bang.”

Jesse’s quote in question states:Max Martin Written “bang bang”, and Ariana played it, I played it, and we both loved it. We said, “Why don’t we both do that?” So Ariana stayed in the second poem, I recorded the first poem, and then Nikki played it in the studio, and it was like “I have to jump into this”. We went to her and didn’t ask. She wanted to do that. “

Nicki shared a screenshot of the interview and replied: The label asked me2get for it and paid me. How did you hear the song? She added: Searching for Chilean songs? “This was recently told by other artists,” Nikki added, “I have to stop.”

Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande will perform “Bang Bang” at the 2014 American Music Awards (Matt Sayles / Invision / AP / Shutterstock).

Anyway, she was in a hurry about the collaboration during the interview, so it didn’t sound like it meant that her collaborators were malicious in the statement. “I’ll never forget. I was in the bedroom of my apartment in London and was sent a version with Nikki on it,” Jesse continued. “I just sat on the edge of the bed, gazed at the floor with my phone and said,” How did you land this? ” Literally, I felt like I won the tournament. “

The singer added that the song “would never have been done” without her collaborators. “The power of a girl.” She said. “Thanks I have and, to be honest, the experience of girl power. Moulin rouge, There really wasn’t a big female song that was influenced by that. “Jesse said,” I and Ali talked the other day. I thought, “I absolutely have to do something together.” And she said, “If so, it must be better than’bang bang’.” And I was saying “Well …”. It just got caught. “


Nicki Minaj responds to comments on Jessie J’s “Bang Bang” song – Hollywood Life

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