Nicki Minaj’s Vaccine Comments Have Caused Controversy Up To Britain

NS coronavirus The briefing in the UK made an unexpected turn when the country’s buttoned chief medical officer and the prime minister realized they were speaking themselves. Nicki Minaj, Vaccine Hesitation and Probably Swollen Testicles Of Her Cousin’s Friend..

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty were drawn into discussions about global rap superstars after she revealed to 22.6 million unvaccinated Twitter followers. rice field.

Being jabbed was a prerequisite for attending this week’s fascinating New York fashion event Met Gala, She said, showed that she was doing her own research on jabs.

Minage then shared the story of Trinidad’s cousin refusing to get vaccinated because his friend was jabbed, helpless, and his testicles swollen.

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj participated in the Met Gala on May 6, 2019.

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Whitty, 55, the face of the British coronavirus reaction, previously unknown to celebrity knowledge, did not skip the beat when asked about Minage’s comments during a Q & A session on Tuesday at Covid. bottom.

“There are many myths flying around, but some are clearly ridiculous,” he told reporters.

“Some … are obviously designed just to scare you. It just happens to be one of them.”

Instead, he said, he was encouraged by most people ignoring myths, being jabbed, and deliberately beating those who “stroking the truth.”

“In my view, they should be ashamed,” he added.

“I’m probably not as familiar with Nicki Minaj’s work,” said Johnson, 57, a classic-educated speaker who regularly speaks in Latin.

Instead, he said he preferred to listen to another woman of the same name, “Superstar GP” Nikki Kanani, who is closely involved in the government’s Covid vaccine campaign.

Candid Minage later sent a voice message to Johnson with an English accent, claiming she was born in England and went to college with Margaret Thatcher, but neither was true.

Health Minister Sajid Javid said on Wednesday that he did not want to comment on “promotional oxygen” and urged public figures to take responsibility for the comment.

Rumors that Johnson was trying to reorganize the cabinet swirled again, and a Twitter user on Wednesday suggested “Gossip Remodeling: Minister of Health Minage.”

“This will allow Cardi B to move to the Treasury and Kardashian to the environment,” said another answer, referring to reality show superstar Kim Kardashian.

Nicki Minaj’s Vaccine Comments Have Caused Controversy Up To Britain

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