Nielsen Trust—A Rockin’ Family Affair – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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The first show at Neil St. Last in Milwaukee was originally set for March 2020, but the pandemic forced the band to unplug the show and the entire tour.

Twenty months later, Rick Nielsen and his family returned to the road, working enthusiastically upstream of the Midwest for Neil St. Last’s make-up, and at the same time attending several Cheap Trick shows.

“We’re in Dubuque, Michigan, Madison, and we’re spending time with both bands,” Rick said. Obviously a burdensome proposal, but Nielsen says the hardest part is “I have to learn a lot of names.”

Besides the busier schedule, Rick and his crew promise to finally deliver the fun, bohemian fretfest fans waiting at the Shank Hall on December 9th. The original story we published before the postponed show is:

This is an almost universal experience for families with multiple children. Mothers encourage their children to “play nicely together.”

That sentiment is behind a new side project by Cheap Trick’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Rick Nielsen and his sons Miles and Dax, and Miles’ wife Kelly Steward and multi-instrumentalist Adam Praman. It was a catalyst.

Rick, called the Nielsen Trust, said this very limited live performance promises “a legacy of Midwestern music, memories, dreams, nightmares.” Or, as Miles says, “Look at how to experience music and stories between his father and his family, the life and songs of a completely uncrazy family.”

Miles talked about the origin of the project in a telephone interview. “About three years ago, my mom had the idea that we should do this. I thought it would be fun to do it someday, but because I’m busy (Rick and Daxx’s Cheap Trick, We do more than 150 shows a year and consistently tour Miles’ Rusted Hearts), three years later was our only time. Understand that we can actually do that. I was able to.”

Opportunity has emerged [in early 2020] Cheap Trick has a month off when Robin Zander accepts an invitation to a European tour with “Alice Cooper and Friends” for a month, which is a very rare event.

The first public release of the Nielsen Trust took place in October at the Rusted Hearts show in Bloomington, Illinois. [of 2019].. “We played four or five teasers set in Bloomington to showcase the band’s ideas and see how they responded. Everyone was crazy about it, so after that, at full speed. We were on the move, “says Miles.

“Why don’t we see if we’re interested? Book some shows. Suddenly there were 13 shows.” Milwaukee’s gig, rescheduled at Shank Hall, said. This is the fourth stop on the Upper Midwest Quick Tour in December and January. Cheap Trick is held in many cities and clubs that honed their chops over 40 years ago.

“This will be fun. How often do you play in a rock band with your dad? Now I’m in a band with my dad, brother and wife … there really isn’t a drama. Which Think about how you want to play the songs and how you can make them fun and different. ”miles will be added. “I have a list of collective songs that we go back and forth. My from the Cheap Trick catalog, such as” Borderline, “” Can’t Hold On, “” Need Your Love, “and” Downed. ” Some of my favorite deep cuts. ‘”

They also wrote some songs from a collection of past music, such as the Daxx and Miles “Harmony Riley” band and Rusted Hearts songs related to Kelly, Daxx, Rick like “Hey, Hey, Hey”. I will revive it.

“We don’t take ourselves very seriously. We want to make sure we have a good time and enjoy the moment,” Miles said. “And musicianship is important, we’re proud, but we can always get off the rails. There’s no safety net.”

At the very least, moms will be happy, regardless of how a single show or the entire tour turned out.

Neil St. Last will perform at 8 pm on Thursday, December 9th at special guests Dan Hubbard and Shank Hall. For more information and tickets ($ 30), please visit:

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