Nikki Bella, Brie Bella Share Worst Dating Story: Video

Bad date fights are recorded! Nicky Bella When Breibera Compared their most miserable romantic outings. Pastakis..

NS Total Velas Stars, both 37, I remembered two terrifying nights One in San Diego, California and the other in New York City, but the latest episode didn’t go as planned. US Weekly “”Worst date story.. “

Engaged Nikki Artem Chigbintsev Spoken exclusively since November 2019 We Her bad night happened at the spaghetti factory when she just graduated from college.

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“I was on a date, and our food sat down, and [the] Waiter [walks away], He goes,’Hey, more meatballs! You didn’t give me enough meatballs, “she recalled. “”[He] I’m crazy about meatballs. And I was totally devastated. “

When the duo left the restaurant, the night didn’t get any better.According to sharing Nikki 14-month-old son Matteo When Russian dancer, 39, Her date surprised her even more as she arrived at the parking lot.

“He puts his hand on my shoulder. It’s really tough. And I’m like,” This is it. “And he looked back at me and I just remember [thinking],’This guy is psycho. What is going on? “She continued. “And he tried to kiss me. I was like,” Uh. ” He had pasta on his face and I was like, “Oh no!” “

Bree married to a wrestler Brian DanielsonPointed out a night out in New York City as her worst date. When she went out with a “cool Italian” one night, she remembered that she was about 26 years old at the time and was unfamiliar with Big Apple.

When he started talking about his wife, things quickly turned into the worst, despite a great start.

It was like “I am”. I am very confused. I thought this was a date. “Yeah, yeah, I’m just looking for a girl on Thursday,” he shares with two mothers. Birdie, 4 years old, buddy, 14 months, Danielson, and 40 years old, We.. “And I was like,’Don’t say this is how New York works.'” “

Watch the exclusive video above to see how Nikki met the meatball guy. And listen to all the details about Bree’s nasty encounters.

Report by Christina Garibaldi

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Nikki Bella, Brie Bella Share Worst Dating Story: Video

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