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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-07-21 16:07:18 –

The Labor Relations Board said Thursday that the Illinois trade union exhibited a 12-foot-high inflatable figure known as Scabby the Rat to protest the actions of a neutral employer. I found that I did not violate.

In a 3-1 decision, the NLRB is within its rights when the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150, based in Illinois Countryside, inflates Scabby outside the Illinois trade fair hosted by an RV manufacturer. I found it in. Alongside Scabby, the union has raised a flag protesting the Indiana-based Rippert Component, a neutral company separate from the one it controversial.

Peter Rob, a NLRB legal counsel under former President Donald Trump, The use of numbers like Scabby It was “illegal compulsory” and was trying to overturn the precedent of protecting such displays. After taking office, President Joe Biden fired Rob and replaced him.

However, the majority of board members finally agree that restricting the use of scabby by the union may violate the First Amendment and may also violate the NRLB case law. Did. Director William Emmanuel objected, claiming that the display violated the National Labor Relations Act.

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