NNS Coronavirus Update: What Milwaukee Residents Should Know During the Week of October 12th – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Custer Stadium and UMOS test sites will be closed this week. (Photo by Adam Car)

The latest updates for Milwaukee’s COVID-19 and the resources needed to counter them are:

New test site opens

Northwest Health Center, 7630 W. Mill Rd. And Southside Health Center, 1639 S. 23rd St. will open as a test site from October 12th.

The Milwaukee Health Department operates both health centers.

On October 17, Custer Stadium and UMOS test sites will be closed. Mayor Tom Barrett said a new test site will be opened in Miller Park to maintain capacity in the two locations.

Barrett said the National Guard will provide support on the site until November 25. Barrett also said he would increase the capacity of mobile test units from 100 tests per day to 300 tests per day. Mobile units are used to provide tests in residential areas, homeless shelters, homeless shelters and other areas.

“Our actual capabilities will grow,” Barrett said in a media briefing. Test capacity is expected to increase from 2,000 tests per day to 2,800 tests per day.

Miller Park and Fiserv Forum will not be used as early voting sites

The Milwaukee Election Commission has announced that Miller Park and the Fiserv Forum will not be used for early voting.

This decision stems from concerns that votes cast on these sites will not be counted due to state law expertise.

According to state law, all early voting stations had to be designated by June 12. The stadium plan was not submitted until September 1st and the city was unable to get an exception.

The deadline for online voting registration is October 14, and all applications for voting registration by mail must be postmarked. City officials By that day. You can register directly at the City Hall until 5 pm on October 30th, and you can vote at the polling place from 7 am to 8 pm on the election day of November 3rd.

State fair park field hospitals will be active this week

Governor Tony Evers has announced that an alternative care site will open on October 14th at State Fair Park, 640 S. 84th St.

This move occurs when hospitalizations in the state reach new highs. Nearly 900 people across Wisconsin were admitted to COVID-19 as of last week, and beds are full in some parts of the state.

The field hospital has 530 beds to help relieve pressure on the medical system.

Dr. Ben Weston, Head of Medical Services at the Milwaukee County Emergency Management Agency, said alternative treatment facilities will be used for patients with low severity of COVID-19.

The move begins with a surge in hospitalizations in Milwaukee County, increasing from 77 to 165 in three weeks.

“There is certainly an increase in hospitalizations … but in Milwaukee County, we are fortunate to have a large hospital and a large medical system,” Weston said. “I don’t think we’re boosting Milwaukee County’s capabilities, but it will tend to be watched closely.”

New state orders reduce restaurant capacity to 25%

In response to the growing number of cases of coronavirus in the state, Evers last week ordered restaurants and bars to be limited to 25% of capacity. This instruction is intended to limit the number of indoor transmissions during a pandemic.

Mr Barrett said the order would take place in the city, but Milwaukee’s current plans to require bars and restaurants to provide a 54-point COVID checklist should already meet that standard.

“It was the opinion of the Department of Health and the opinion of our city law firm that our local order was actually more restrictive than the state order,” Barrett said.

Restaurants and bars are named directly in order, but with exceptions they generally apply to all companies offering services.Contact us by email to see if your business is exempt from ordering and meets the criteria

Where to get free masks

To get a free mask, residents can visit the following sites:

  • Keenan Health Clinic, 3200 N. 36th St., is open Monday to Friday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • Northwest Health Center, 7630 W. Mill Rd. Is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 1pm.
  • The Southside Health Center, 1639 S. 23rd St., is open Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 1 PM.

Where you can get a flu shot in Milwaukee.

NNS reporters also collected a list of places to buy Locally made mask If you are looking to show some local business love when you mask.

check Milwaukee City Health Department website Answers to the latest facts and questions about the Mask Ordinance.

Resources you need to know

look here The latest statistics on COVID-19 in the county. Other notes on how to stay safe and information on COVID-19 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website..

Contact your healthcare provider, call IMPACT 2-1-1, or County test site map To find a test center near you. Custer Stadium’s free community testing site by UMOS, 2701 S. Chase Ave., and Barack Obama School, 4300 W. Fairmount Ave. Is still open.

For more information on testing, including how to identify symptoms and when to take the test, visit the following website: Available in English, Spanish, Hmong, Burmese and Arabic.

Check out our continuation Coronavirus coverage..

Looking for a more personalized direction to resources and information during the coronavirus crisis?Connecting News414, text message based news resource From Milwaukee NNS, Wisconsin Watch, Outlier Media. You can send a text message to Milwaukee to 73224 to start receiving free personalized data via text message.

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