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Waco, Texas (AP) — Baylor coach Scott Drew believes the team will take some time to return …

Waco, Texas (AP) — Baylor coach Scott Drew believes it will take some time for the team to return to normal after a three-week gap between matches.

Still, the second bear is still undefeated. They finally overcame rust and parts of Iowa, winning 77-72 on Tuesday night, 18-0 for the first time in school history.

“I’m really excited to win, I’m really excited to come back,” Drew said. “Obviously, will a few weeks affect your play? 100 percent.”

Adam Flagler scored the best 22 points of the season, Jared Butler dragged 17 in the first half and Bears (18-0, 10-0 Big 12) did not lead until Masio Teague scored 2. I got 15 out of 18 points. Free throw with 4:26 remaining time in the game.

They haven’t played since winning 83-69 at the time-no. 6 Texas February 2nd, the best start in school history. Later, Baylor postponed six consecutive games due to problems with the program’s COVID-19, and didn’t even have another full practice until Sunday.

“The best way to explain what’s going on was going out for a variety of reasons,” Flagler said. “The more time you spend, the harder it is to practice and everything.”

With a 6’8 forward Jonathan Chamwachachat from Baylor’s lineup, Mark Vital had 15 rebounds and 3 blocks.

Iowa State University (2-17, 0-14) jumped to a 15-4 lead within six and a half minutes with a Trejackson jumper. Their biggest lead was 32-15 when Tyler Harris made the game’s fourth three-pointer, leaving 6:24 in the first half.

Harris had 22 points against the cyclone with five 3 points. Rasir Bolton scored 21 points and Jalen Coleman-Lands 13 points.

With 14 points, Teague made two free throws with 4:26 remaining, raising the Bears to 66-65. They never dragged, but after Jalen Coleman-Lands did tying 3 with 2:53 left, they needed a go-ahead basket by Teague. Teague and Butler combined the last nine Baylor points.

This is Baylor’s closest game of the season, winning at least 8 points in all previous games and only two games were decided with less than 10 points.

“It really showed a lot of heart from our people. I talked to many coaches who had been dormant for a long time,” Drew said. “For those who have it for reasons like us, they usually say at least three games until you’re normal. But win away and be the same as us. I am very happy to be able to play like this. ”

Butler hit two threes in the first 1:15 of the second half, keeping the Bears within 39-38 and regaining the ball after Mitchell rebounded Harris’ bad shot. They scored four shots in their next possession, but couldn’t drop anything after Iowa State University held the ball in another rebound and before regaining the ball in alternate possessions.

Butler, who entered the game second with an average of 17 points on the Big 12, had three turnovers and took only one shot before halftime. The shot was part of Baylor’s 17-5 run with three pointers remaining 1:54, half-time 37-32.

“We had a positive energy, from which Mojo entered the locker room,” Drew said. “It kept it at an amazing distance where you could make a late push and get a lead back to it.”

You may be a bear

Smith had already doubled the season average of 6.8 points in Iowa’s halftime when he had four 3 and 14 points. The former Memphis transfer played the Tigers and his last two seasons after graduating from high school and choosing between Memphis and Baylor first.

Big picture

Iowa State University: Cyclone lost 13 games in a row, 7 of which were lost to the ranked teams. They are intimate and lead in some of them, including the second half at home against Baylor at a home loss of 76-65 on January 2.

Baylor: Bears will not play the entire Big 12 schedule of 18 games. After the Big 12 schedule three make-up games next week, their maximum will be 14. As part of the coordination, Bears will not play at home as they plan to play against West Virginia’s 10th place on Thursday. This can be useful for additional practice when the Bears are trying to regain speed.


Iowa State University will play TCU on Saturday.

Baylor will play in 17th Kansas on Saturday and will play three make-up games over the next six days.


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No. 2 Baylor returns with 77-72 win to stay undefeated Source link No. 2 Baylor returns with 77-72 win to stay undefeated

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