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Washington (AP) — Republican opposition to President Donald Trump’s impeachment began to crumble in the party’s Senate on Tuesday. The third House GOP leader said she would vote to impeach Trump.

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney said in a statement that “the U.S. president’s office and pledge to the Constitution have never been so betrayed,” and, not surprisingly, shook Congress as a member. Stated. Preparing for the house vote on Wednesday. With the Democratic Party commanding the Chamber of Commerce, the vote to impeach Trump for the second time, unprecedented, seemed certain.

More ominous about the president clinging to his last week in office, the New York Times believes influential Senate leader Mitch McConnell has committed an impeccable crime. He reported that he was pleased that the Democratic Party was against him.

Citing unidentified people familiar with the influential Kentucky Republican ideas, the Times said McConnell said the opposition to Trump would help build a future independent of the divided and chaotic president. I reported that I believed.

McConnell said Trump’s actions before the attack on the Capitol last week by smoking Trump supporters cost a majority of the Republican Senate in two Georgia finals, the newspaper reported. .. This is a feeling that many Republicans share about Trump. Rather than focusing on strengthening two Georgian Senators, Trump tells the false story that his reelection was ruined by Democratic fraud in the last few weeks of the campaign. I did.

According to Republicans anonymously discussing the situation, McConnell is angry with the president for sacrificing a majority of the party’s Senate in a rebellion in the Capitol and two defeats in Georgia. It is said.

The daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, Cheney has long rebelled against Trump and the far-right Republicans over issues such as wearing face masks and withdrawing troops from Syria. Respected by mainstream conservatives, she is one of the few Republican house female stars.

When asked about Cheney’s decision, Democratic Congressman Nancy Pelosi said, “It’s good for her to respect her oath of office.” “Will more Republicans respect the oath of office?”

The parliamentary oath includes an oath to uphold the Constitution “against all enemies at home and abroad.”

Air Force veteran Adam Kinzinger and former federal prosecutor John Katko became the first Republicans to vote to impeach Trump. Later members of the Republican faction were Congressman Fred Upton of Michigan and Congressman Jamie Herrera Butler of Washington.

The House of Representatives voted for an impeachment article accusing Trump of inciting a riot against his assault by a crowd of Trump supporters who passed police lines and flowed into the Capitol last Wednesday, and the electoral college sealed Trump’s defeat Disrupts the ceremonial counts of lawmakers, leaving five dead and widespread damage.

“There is no doubt that the US president broke his oath of office and instigated the rebellion,” Kinzinger said in a statement about Mr. Trump. He has repeatedly criticized it for many years.

In a statement, Upton said:

“It is a direct threat to the future of our democracy to allow the US president to instigate this attack without consequences,” Katoko said in a statement.

“The president’s crime when I read the Constitution was condemned on the basis of the indisputable evidence we already have,” Herrera Butler issued a statement.

“It’s time for power,” Trump said in a statement to his supporters before he went to the Capitol outside the White House. “We had to get rid of the weak parliamentarians.” , Described them as “Liz Cheney”. Of the world. “

Republicans have said they expect 10 Congressmen to break the ranks and vote for Democrats to impeach Trump, apparently with a majority of Republicans supporting him.

But Trump may not have helped himself on Tuesday. In his first public place since the attack on the Capitol, he was not responsible for his role in spitting eggs on his supporters, saying, “People are perfectly right what I said. I thought, “he added by mistake.

House of Representatives leader Kevin McCarthy, Republican, believes impeaching Trump is wrong, but tells his colleagues that he has not ruled out blaming him or taking other steps. Told. Republican leaders in the House of Representatives have said they will not put pressure on their colleagues on how to vote on Wednesday.

In that story, the Times didn’t say how McConnell would vote in the Senate trial to convict Trump. Such a discovery would usually lead to the dismissal of the president, but in this case it seems unlikely that the trial will be closed by January 20, when Democrat Joe Biden takes office as his successor.

McConnell is the driving force behind Trump’s Supreme Court appointees and numerous other federal judicial candidates to the Chamber of Commerce. Although he rarely criticizes Trump, he often appealed to silence when pressed by reporters for some of Trump’s more exorbitant remarks, and their relationship never looked warm.

A White House official said McConnell and Trump last made a statement in mid-December.


Associated Press writers Zeke Miller and Lisa Mascaro contributed to this report.

No. 3 House GOP leader backs Trump impeachment as tide grows – Twin Cities Source link No. 3 House GOP leader backs Trump impeachment as tide grows – Twin Cities

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