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Washington-A private company auditing Maricopa County elections told Senator Thursday that it couldn’t submit a full report without the help of county officials, after reviewing more than two million ballots. Told.

As a result, Arizona Senator Karen Fann threatened to “return the county to court” and forced compliance. One day, the judge said fans and auditors needed to comply with the county’s request for public records, which critics call “fake audits.” “

Comments were made during an audit update six months ago, where no questions or comments were taken and the auditor spent a lot of time defending his actions and criticizing the enemy.

Senate Democrats did not attend session “It’s clearly an attempt to instill distrust in our electoral system,” he said.

“In the end, this is Senator Huang and one other Republican, essentially bringing their clients, their paid clients, to have a conversation before and after this, and to be honest, they It has perpetuated many of the conspiracy theories it has, said Senate minority leader Rebecca Rios.

According to Rios, the Democrats knew the meeting only 17 hours before the meeting began.

“This is not a hearing,” Rios said. “If it was a real hearing, it would have had to be notified 24 hours in advance and had to be held in front of a committee that included Democrats and Republicans.”

However, Prescott Republican fans and Senator Warren Petersen of R-Gilbert were the only members of the event for more than two hours. The progress of the audit was shown.

Mr. Huang reiterated that the county election authorities “never suggested that there was intentional misconduct,” and the sole purpose of the audit was for Arizonas to trust and be confident in their elections. He said it was to confirm that he would throw the ballot. future.

However, auditors spent much of their meetings laying out a series of “concerns.” Many of them May letter From fans to counties. Auditors said they could not provide a “complete court audit report” unless the county agreed to provide a laundry list requesting more information.

The claim was refuted in real time According to county officials who said they would spend $ 3 million, although they couldn’t use the voting machine under the control of the auditor because the audits were so inadequate and the security was so weak. Replace them.

“It’s clear that those hired by Arizona Senate leaders to bring integrity to our elections are instead bringing incompetence,” said Maricopa County Director Jack Cellars. It states in. statement.

If the county doesn’t provide the requested information, such as router information, two seemingly missing hard drives, and voter roster data, the Republican-controlled Senate will look for new subpoenas of that information, Petersen said. He said he would be forced to release an “incomplete” audit. report.

But Ryan Snow, a lawyer on the Civil Rights Attorney’s Commission under the law, said it was “a little misleading to those doing this fake … they are not cooperating (Maricopa County). They did everything they were required to do by a court order. “

“They are shifting goal posts very clearly. They are doing all the fake audits and don’t have enough information after all this,” Snow said. “It’s further evidence that it’s a fraud.”

He said Maricopa County conducted two accredited audits of the 2020 elections, but did not reveal fraud that undermines the integrity of the elections.

“I haven’t seen a lack of cooperation,” Snow said. “I see a group of fake auditors of election reviews doing some work, and they find that there is nothing there to substantiate an unfounded claim about the election. “

Snow and colleagues said it was fans and auditors who refused to cooperate and refused to publish documents on how to pay and perform audits. The Senate invested only $ 150,000 in audits over several months, with the rest of the funding coming from private sources.

The U.S. Observatory, a government surveillance group, sought these documents under the State’s Public Records Act, but the Senate does not apply the law to private companies such as cyber ninjas who have the documents. Insisted and refused to comply.

Judge Michael Kemp of the Maricopa County Superior Court said in an order filed Thursday that “all documents substantially related to auditing activities are public records” and “totally rejected the claim.” “.

“It’s hard to imagine a case with a more compelling public interest that requires public disclosure and scrutiny.” Kemp wrote.

Critics pointed out that Thursday’s meeting organizers did not mention Kemp’s ruling – evidence that senators and auditors create “the basis for further voting restrictions and voter intimidation.” He said he chose and chose the information to discuss.

“After all, it’s clearly an attempt to instill distrust in our electoral system,” Rios said. “And it’s the most non-American and unpatriotic I’ve ever witnessed in 25 years in the Legislature.”

Amanda Lugo, Democracy Director of Living United for Change in Arizona, called the audit “embarrassment for Arizona.” Mr. Snow claimed that the auditor “uses counterfeit funds and political means without liability.”

Along with lawmakers from other states considering Arizona-based audits, Rios said he didn’t expect reports “before this” fraud “was settled in another state.”

“A legitimate company will take six months, then come and say,” Oh, we’re not ready for this report yet. “? She asked. “This is a shakedown for taxpayers in Arizona.

No end in sight for Maricopa election audit, or for feuding over it | Elections Source link No end in sight for Maricopa election audit, or for feuding over it | Elections

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