No net zero emissions without Asia

The world needs Asia to deal with climate change — otherwise net zero emissions would be out of reach, said the CEO of Japanese beverage giant this week.

Suntory CEO Takeshi Niinami told CNBC as part of the hypothesis that Asia is playing an important role in tackling climate change. Sustainable Future Forum..

“Unless Asia makes every effort to tackle sustainability issues, the world will not be able to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050,” he said. “Asia is the key to the world’s achievement of its 2050 goals.”

Carbon neutrality is achieved when carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere at net zero. This is because the same amount of emissions has been removed.

Under the 2015 Paris Agreement Countries aim to reach peak greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible so that they can reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

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Mr. Shinnami said the area was “left behind” when rules and standards for climate goals were established.

“The rules made or shaped by the West have not been applied exactly to Asia,” he said, saying there are “significant differences” between the different countries in the region.

Suntory is part of the Sustainability Leaders Council, an effort to promote sustainability in Asia.

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No net zero emissions without Asia

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