No official explanation for long lines at gas stations – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-02-16 22:56:27 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — The only theory is that there was a long line at a gas station in Coastal Bend on Tuesday that caused the gas to run out altogether.

Power outages caused by the current Arctic blast can be partly due to the fact that many people are forced to rely on generators for electricity.

Brian Blow’s house on North Padre Island has been out of power for two days.

He bought petrol for the generator at the Stripes gas stations in Morgan and Crosstown on Tuesday.

“All the gas stations I’ve been to were really busy. They were back all the way to the island. Now there’s a lot of confusion over fuel. I don’t know why. This storm is eternal. Will not follow. “

Concerns about petrol shortages that can be caused by winter weather delaying the delivery of tank trucks are another potential explanation for busy gas stations.

The Tarton and Crosstown drainboard stations ran out of gas on Monday, and workers there blamed the delay in delivery.

In response, gas customer John Estrada believes people will rush to fill the tank, he says, and other stations will run out of gas.

“It will run short, and it’s just supply and demand, so if you don’t have supply, you’ll have to get it somewhere else,” Estrada says. I did.

The rumored factory may also be responsible.

KRIS 6 News received a call about a Facebook post that appeared to warn of an unconfirmed imminent gas shortage.

Local driver Laurie Pena says it’s a common problem for residents to overreact to rumors and speculation.

“Whenever something happens, the corpus seems to run out of things, so the corpus seems to be,” Pena said.

No official explanation for long lines at gas stations Source link No official explanation for long lines at gas stations

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