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‘No person is an island’: Expert encourages those struggling to ask for help as CDC eviction moratorium ends – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-07-31 01:45:49 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) — When the CDC Eviction Moratorium ended on Sunday, 8 News Now spoke to local experts and provided advice to those in need.

Last year was tough for Las Vegan Eugene Pena.

“The bill came out and things started coming out,” Pena told 8 News Now on Friday. “And that was just one of the things that started to snowball.”

Pena was fired last March and later found another job, but explained the stress her family felt when she couldn’t pay her mortgage.

“There was a lot of uncertainty,” Pena said. “We didn’t know what tomorrow would bring. We didn’t know what would come in the next few months.”

Pena was able to protect her home and is now on the right track, but knows many other people who are afraid of the future as the moratorium expires.

“There are options that can help with that,” PIF lending managing broker Andrew Leavitt told 8NewsNow. “There is a way out of it.”

Leavitt encouraged those who are having a hard time paying to contact the landlord or lender first.

“If you’re borrowing from someone,” Leavitt advised. “It’s quite possible that there is another person on the other side of the deal. Talk to them.”

Rental assistance is also available. Under AB 486, Governor Steve Sisolak addressed this week, any lessee can withhold the eviction of a peasant if there is evidence of an application for assistance.

“As long as you try to pay by all means possible,” Leavitt explained. “Governor Sisorak has signed a clause that you will not be kicked out.”

Pena said it’s not shameful to ask for help, as others may have been in the same place before, regardless of the circumstances they are facing.

“No one is an island,” Pena concludes. “There are resources.”

Leavitt said homeowners have the option of extending the grace period or suspending payments if they don’t have a job yet. There is also an application for a loan change.

Landlords can also apply for assistance through the resources provided by AB 486, or apply for a low interest rate small business loan.

The lessee is Home means nevada also CHAP..

Homeowners seeking help Clark County CARES Housing Assistance Program..

Landlords struggling to keep up with rent losses can find help here..

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