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A month after lava flows and ash blocks, Canary Islands officials say the eruption from a volcano on La Palma is “endless.” — After a month of lava flow and ash clouds, Canary Islands officials say the eruption from a volcano on La Palma is “endless.”

La Palma’s volcano Lacumbrevieja, which first began erupting on September 19, is still erupting ash and lava on the Spanish island off the coast of North Africa.

Since the first eruption Reuters 2,000 buildings have been destroyed and 7,000 of La Palma’s 83,000 inhabitants have yet to return home. Associated Press It reports that the island’s 37-mile road has been ruined.

Lava flows paved the way for destroying the island — the first way Reached the Atlantic Ocean September 29th. When hot lava falls into the water, it sends white smoke into the air, warning authorities that it may be toxic.

Even a month after the first eruption of lava and smoke, there are few signs that activity will cease immediately. A video shot this weekend shows lava flying over the island, forcing a cloud of volcanic ash to cancel flight 38 at La Palma’s airport on Sunday.

Authorities also detected 42 seismic motions over the weekend, the largest of which was a magnitude of 4.3.

“Despite this being everyone’s greatest wish, there are no signs that the end of the eruption is imminent,” said Angel Victor Torres, president of the Canary Islands, according to Reuters.

The current eruption has already exceeded the length of the last eruption of the volcano. In 1971, the eruption of Lakunbrevieja lasted for about three weeks.

“We are at the mercy of the volcano,” the Associated Press told reporters. “That’s the only thing that can decide when this will end.”

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