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Omaha, Nebraska 2022-07-02 13:29:53 –

Lincoln, Nebraska (Nebraska Inspector) — No, the rare strip of fresh asphalt, 22 miles long, in the middle of the Interstate 80, west of Lincoln, is not a new bike path.

State transport officials have been called in recent weeks asking about the “new bike path,” a strip of asphalt about three feet wide laid in the median from the Pleasantdale exit to Utica.

However, Nebraska Transport Bureau Jeni Campana said Thursday that the asphalt trail is the “base” for a new cable guardrail that will soon be installed between the two I-80 exits.

Bicycles are not allowed

Biking is prohibited on the Nebraska Interstate Highway, according to Campana, and for safety reasons no trails of any kind will be installed at the median.

“The median is for engineering and safety purposes,” she said. “Unauthorized vehicles must not turn around at the median.”

Installation of cable guardrails is part of the $ 9.5 million project in its area of ​​the I-80, including culvert, earthwork, and pavement improvements. It is being worked on by Garcia / Chicoine Enterprises of Milford and will be completed by the end of the year.

According to Campana, the state is using cable guardrails in the Omaha region to prevent vehicles from crossing the median and causing head-on collisions on the Kennedy Freeway / US 75 in South Omaha and Sarpy County.

Need support for crash data

She said safety data indicate that a guardrail is needed for the stretch between Pleasantdale and Milford.

According to Lincoln television station KOLN / KGIN, three people were killed in a head-on collision of a semi-trailer truck across the median in March.

According to Campana, the I-80 was considering a cable guardrail from the western end of Lincoln to Pleasantdale, but the extension will be extended to six lanes and work will begin in 2024. ..

According to Campana, concrete barriers are used at the median of the six-lane interstate highway in urban areas, but cable guardrails are “best” in the Pleasantdale Utica region, which has a median width of 64 feet. It was a tool.

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No, that is not a new bike trail in the middle of I-80 Source link No, that is not a new bike trail in the middle of I-80

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