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Noise in Nichols Hills — marchers take the rattle of protest to the elites – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2021-05-01 02:16:20 –

NICHOLS HILLS — With a pot, pan and wooden spoon, BLM protesters went to part of the Oklahoma City subway, unfamiliar with hearing the sound of the protest.

On Friday night, about 30 protesters from transracial people gathered in Nichols Hills to march where many believe it is the safest old wealth bastion in the metro.

This action was aimed at raising awareness of the plight of others in the unfortunate city.

Indeed, as the night went on and the protesters passed through the neighborhood of Nichols Hills, the inhabitants were at least expelled from their comfort zone.

Traffic through parts of the city has slowed down like crawling, and unusual sounds that were previously only heard on television are now ringing in the streets of some people.

The Marcher carried several loudspeakers with a freely used siren function throughout the evening. It has created a healthy environment, as is normal in the city center, where wealth is not the place to minimize emergencies.


Adrianna Loews, a true veteran of the protests in the metro, spoke with Free Press shortly before the opening pep talk in the parking lot just outside Trader Joe’s at Nichols Hills Plaza. ..

“They don’t have to worry about the plight of the marginalized people on a daily basis,” said the law on the inhabitants of Nichols Hills. “They don’t have to meet us.”

“So today it’s kind of like opening their eyes and letting them know that white silence is violence,” she continued. “The more you say nothing when you see governments and law enforcement agencies attacking marginalized communities, you’re part of the problem of colluding you.”

Elizabeth Okeke and her daughter Laila attended with a pot and spoon ready to make noise and talked about their motives for protesting Friday.

“This is a microcosm of where everyone comes and they feel safe. They go to the grocery store. They are lined up. And they’re okay with that,” Elizabeth Okeke said. Said about the inhabitants of Nichols Hills. “I’m sure some of them have black friends who are quoted / unquoted. But how annoyed they are, whether they’re here tonight, they’re there, they’re just there. You can see if.

There were about 15 people standing on the edge of the parking lot, angry talking on the phone and tapping messages.

“And the bill just passed [in the Oklahoma Legislature] If you can’t even do this safely, don’t worry about being arrested, go to jail and pay a fine of thousands of dollars … So they can’t scare us that way, so we have to keep going, “Elizabeth said.

In her kick-off speech, the law seemed to summarize the reasons for the actions we heard from many people throughout the night:

“they [Nichols Hill residents] You don’t have to deal with marginalized people, “the law said through a loudspeaker. They do not have to deal with the issue of marginalization. However, some of Oklahoma and Oklahoma County, Oklahoma City, and some of the state’s most important decision makers and influential people live here. “

Tricia Everest Home

The group chanted and beat pots and pans on their way to where they said they were the home of Tricia Everest. Everest took on the role of Secretary of Public Security for Oklahoma Governor Stitt and was chairing the prison trust until he resigned on Friday.

The Marchers have rehearsed some of their complaints about Everest. The biggest was the death in prison during his term as chairman of the prison trust.

Protesters of Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment Participate

Tim Harper, a protester of the second Amendment to the Constitution, famous in Oklahoma City, arrived with a pistol and assault rifle, like his friend Rick Hubbard.

After reassuring the marchers that Harper and Hubbard were there to participate, not to interfere with their actions, Freepress talked with Harper about what he was doing there.

“We are going to have a very peaceful protest,” Harper insisted. “We will see in public the beauty of those who exercise the rights of the First Amendment. We support what they are saying, what they are doing. “

“And we are exercising the rights of the Second Amendment, even in cities that don’t support them,” Harper told us. “They hate us exercising our rights in our city.”

Circle and then return

The Marchers stopped for a moment in front of the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club in the geographical and social center of Nichols Hills and rehearsed their contempt for those who were members and ignored the needs of the blacks in it.

The group then returned to Nichols Hills Plaza without incident and marched, hiding in the shadows of several during the night.

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Noise in Nichols Hills — marchers take the rattle of protest to the elites Source link Noise in Nichols Hills — marchers take the rattle of protest to the elites

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