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NOLA Public School was closed on Monday due to hurricane zeta damage and power problems – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2020-11-01 19:16:31 –

The NOLA Public School District has canceled classes on Monday. City students will be absent from classes for three consecutive days due to power outages after the hurricane zeta and continued interruptions in internet and telephone services. Both face-to-face and virtual schools will be cancelled.

A strong Category 2 hurricane when landing in southeastern Louisiana caused widespread wind damage throughout the region. The storm shortened the planned Wednesday virtual school day and closed the school completely on Thursday and Friday. With winds near 100 miles per hour, the storm was initially unpowered by nearly 80% of the city.

As of late Sunday afternoon, about 20,000 homes and businesses in New Orleans were still out of electricity from about 178,000 right after the storm.

“Due to ongoing power outages throughout New Orleans, food loss due to lack of refrigeration, unstable internet and telephone services. This decision includes the cancellation of family food services on Monday,” a district spokesperson said. Woman Taslin Alfonzo wrote in a press release on Sunday afternoon.

The district will continue to evaluate the building and internet and telephone services on Monday. Some mid-city schools have been hit by small storms, with fences falling and windows appearing to have been blown away. The Esplanade Avenue on Broad Street, an important crossroads near the Bricolage Academy, was unpowered on Sunday night.

Schools in many districts also act as polling stations. Governor John Bel Edwards said last week before the election day that polling stations were prioritized for power restoration. However, the outage of the Internet is a continuing concern for educators, as the school year is at stake with virtual and face-to-face classes due to the pandemic.

On Friday, city officials said 75% of municipal schools had no electricity and some suffered minor damage, including broken windows.

“The NOLA-PS team is well-suited for regaining strength, taking into account the needs of the school community, taking into account advances in entertainment and Cox, and for students of all grades to collaborate and return to face-to-face and distance learning. It guides the timeline, “Alfonzo wrote. ..

The district will update the family on Monday for plans for the rest of the week.

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