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NOLA Public Schools: COVID-19 quarantines underreported due to data error – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-10-18 18:08:23 –

NOLA public school officials said a data error led to a significant underreporting of COVID-19-related quarantine over the past two weeks, according to a Monday press release accompanying the district’s weekly COVID-19 data report. say.

As a result of the error, the number of quarantines reported is the number of student and staff cases, although under district policy, all close unvaccinated contacts in confirmed cases are to be quarantined. Slightly exceeded.

The majority of cases reported in the last two weeks are in elementary school, and the majority of students are under the age of 12 and are not eligible for the vaccine.

The district has clearly fixed the data issue. The report on Monday showed 45 “active” cases of COVID-19 (meaning diagnosed in the last 2 weeks) and 536 people were quarantined.

“The increase in quarantined individuals beyond the data reported in the week of October 2-8 has led to a review of the number of quarantines in the previous reporting period,” wrote spokeswoman Taslin Alfonzo. .. The review identified data errors that did not take into account the quarantine of unvaccinated individuals. “

Therefore, the district revised last week’s COVID case tracker data.Instead of Initially, 80 people were reported in quarantine, District officials say that 442 people were currently quarantined during that period.

It is unclear what exactly led to the underreporting. Asked for details, district officials did not respond immediately.

During the last two weeks, the district reported a significantly lower ratio of cases to quarantine. Asked about these low numbers last week, spokesman Richard Rainey mentioned the district’s aggressive efforts to encourage testing before returning to school after Hurricane Aida may have helped. ..

“Our school community has done a tremendous job of testing students and staff after hurricane Ida before returning to the classroom, which results in very low COVID cases and exposure in reopened schools. It may have been suppressed, “Rainey wrote in an email on Friday. “Hurricane Aida caused many people to leave the city, resulting in an unintended two-week quarantine period in our community. Therefore, COVID-19 cases associated with students returning to school. The increase was essentially mitigated. “

The low number of reported quarantines appears to be due to data errors, district officials explained Monday. They also said they weren’t surprised.

“These updated quarantine numbers are not unexpected given the total population of public school students in the district and the number of active cases reported throughout the district,” Alfonzo said.

Last week, lens reporter Philip Keefer Explained how districts and their schools carry out contact tracing Decide who to quarantine. It is complex and varies slightly from school to school in districts that are entirely composed of independent charter schools such as NOLA Public Schools.

Of the 45 cases reported this week, 41 are students and 4 are staff. The incident has spread to 27 campuses.

There are more than 50 quarantines on the four campuses. This includes Akiri Academy, Bricolage Academy, Mary MacLeod Basin Elementary School and Paul Havans Charter School. In Bethoon, 101 people have been quarantined from the five reported cases. All four are in elementary school and most students are under 12 years old.

The school district has reported 1,343 cases between staff and students so far this year, and these cases are no longer considered active.

NOLA Public Schools: COVID-19 quarantines underreported due to data error Source link NOLA Public Schools: COVID-19 quarantines underreported due to data error

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