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Tulsa, Oklahoma — A non-profit clinic that provides medical access to communities with poor medical services has moved to a new large location in Sapulpa.

Cura for the World is an international non-profit organization with clinics around the world. Three years ago, they founded the first Cura of the World Clinic here in Oklahoma.

“All our providers and all our volunteers feel that everyone has access to health care,” said pharmacist Travis Wolff.

Rooted in this mission, Cura for the World opened a clinic in Sapulpa three years ago.

“As for Sapulpa, I understand that the demographics of Creek and Okmulgee counties are very similar to those of the insured, which is one of the main reasons for choosing it in the region,” Wolff said. I am saying.

Kayla Hansen is a family nurse practitioner. She said that many of her patients are employed, but often lack the means to cover their medical costs.

“We are a kind of midpoint where they can come if they are uninsured, we can provide them with free medical care, and because our pharmacy is in-house, it’s free. We can provide medicine, “Hansen said.

According to Wolff, the clinic has about 10 healthcare providers, most of whom are volunteers. They also receive support from other people who help them raise money, including Austin Edgar, who created the Cura Racing Team.

“Knowing that I couldn’t afford to insure from time to time in my life, making an emergency trip would cost thousands of dollars and would cost me years to pay it off. I know that a place like this can help people in need, it’s just great. “

Edgar said he formed the Cura Cycling Team not only to raise money but also to raise awareness of Cura’s mission.

These volunteers provide time and talent to give the community access to health care.
Others show generosity in different ways.

“We are very grateful to the Bartlett Foundation. They have taken a considerable amount of time to allow us to spare, and have made refurbishments to get our clinic running here. I did, “Wolf said.

Thanks to the financial support they received, they were able to move to a new location on 1500 E. Dewey Avenue. This place has enough space to set up a pharmacy.

“The new location will be nearly five times as large as the others,” says Wolff.

“Now you can walk from the doctor’s office to the pharmacy and pick up your medicine while you’re here, and you don’t have to stop at another place. It’s especially overtime. The case is very important, “said Sunni pharmacist Wolf.

Sunnis said they were excited about the opportunity this new place would offer to continue to serve the community.

“Our long-term goal was to have a lot of space, so now we dream of all the possibilities here,” says Wolff.

The clinic is open every Tuesday from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

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