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Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – The Wings for Life International garage sale ended on Saturday, but we are still accepting donations to keep the organization running. Secretary-General and Founder Ann Edenfield Sweet said the nonprofit hadn’t had a two-year funding opportunity for the pandemic, during which time it was collecting donations. “All the dollars spent here will be returned to the community 10 times,” Sweet said.

The organization aims to break the generational cycle of imprisonment by supporting prisoner families. This weekend and at the end, the group set up a store in the gymnasium on the East Side of Calvary Chapel for sale. At the end of the fundraising campaign, Sweet said he would donate the remaining items to other local nonprofits.

Around Albuquerque, the city’s animal shelter has launched an empty shelter event. Pet adoption Fees are exempted until July 3 to help clear shelters in case of increased normal intake during the summer.

Crystal Torres, volunteer coordinator of the city’s East Side Shelter, said there was already a line of people waiting to enter the shelter before it opened. “The community was great for us. We saw a lot of this last year when they stepped up for us for our foster parent program. And now we have these They are definitely here and ready to find their eternal friends, as they are trying to find a permanent home for their people, and we are ready to place them. ” Said Torres.

PetSmart’s Eastside Shelter, Westside Shelter, and Everyday Adoption Center offer free nail clipper coupons from Groomingdales Pet Spa and one free training session for dogs, plus exempt fees. Each adoption includes contraceptive or castration surgery, a microchip, the required vaccinations, and one free first veterinary visit.

So Albuquerque June 16th Celebration Many attendees entering the second day at Civic Plaza said the recent announcement from the governor on the reopening of the state gave them mixed feelings. “We have been suffering from the coronavirus for a long time and are a little nervous just because we don’t want things to start going downhill again,” said one attendee. “But I feel like we’re defeating the pandemic and I’m excited to be on the move. Just celebrating our legacy and being with the community is Juneteenth’s It’s really exciting because I love being here for. “

Another participant shared excitement as well as similar feelings of concern. “I’m excited, but I still need to be careful. We’re still open and things are open, but COVID-19 hasn’t left us yet, so we still need to be careful. “She said. “I think it’s great because we’re celebrating our independence and the independence of getting out of what we call a pandemic. It’s great to see it match. What a wonderful day today. “

Nonprofit hosts huge yard sale, emptying the animal shelter, Juneteenth celebrations Source link Nonprofit hosts huge yard sale, emptying the animal shelter, Juneteenth celebrations

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