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Nonprofit needs help to prepare for its Christmas Store – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-11-25 05:00:46 –

Overland Park, Kansas — A non-profit organization based in Independence, Missouri. Community service league I hope to help more families than ever before Annual Christmas store..

Every December, the organization allows qualified low-income families to buy toys, clothing and other gifts for free, allowing parents to give their children something special for their vacation. increase. The agency also provides each family with equipment for traditional holiday meals.

Doug Cowan, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Community Services League, said: “This is the time when people in our community get together around the holiday season and around families who may be really struggling this year.”

To complete the rally, CSL needs a community to donate toys, books, clothing and food between now and the first week of December.

CSL will distribute over 10,000 toys in the week of December 13th. We also plan to distribute over 2,000 meals.

Nonprofits also accept donations and have sign-up sheets for volunteers who want help.

Families seeking help must register in advance. Cowan acknowledged that there isn’t much that an agency can do on Christmas Eve and emphasized the importance of registering sooner or later. It distributes everything quite well in advance.

“All children are excited about Christmas, regardless of their income situation. In reality, it’s very difficult for low-income families who are having a hard time finding a way to survive a holiday with Christmas meals and Christmas gifts. It can be difficult, “says Cowan.

You can donate to the cause and register for aid at the same place CSL website..

Nonprofit needs help to prepare for its Christmas Store Source link Nonprofit needs help to prepare for its Christmas Store

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