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Tulsa, Oklahoma 2020-11-03 01:00:00 –

Oklahoma City — Norman Veterans Center is experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19.

Joel Kinsel, secretary-general of the Oklahoma Veterans Affairs Department, said 29 veterans who tested positive for the virus had died as of Monday morning.

The facility had 27 active cases and 5 recovered, Kinsel said.

The Norman transcript is the first to report an outbreak.

According to Kinsel, about 28 staff members tested positive.

According to Kinsel, 12 people came out and 16 recovered.

“In this case, we had an asymptomatic employee,” says Kinsel. “This person did not know that they were contagious.”

According to Kinsel, employees wore personal protective equipment and followed all protocols.

“There is no evidence that they did what they shouldn’t have done,” Kinsel said.

The Norman facility has 301 beds.

The outbreak occurs after an earlier outbreak of the year at the Claremore facility.

There were 132 cases at the Claremore facility, 85 were recovered and two were active, said Shane Forkner, a spokesman for the Oklahoma Veterans Affairs Department.

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