North Carolina issues statewide burn ban over Pilot Mountain forest fire – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2021-11-29 21:17:08 –

Surry County, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – From miles away, you can’t miss the smoke. Pilot Mountain, a state park since 1968, is on fire.

“That’s scary,” said resident Stacey Boggs. “It’s our only biggest landmark, it’s just smoking.”

The fire started on Saturday. The cause has not yet been identified, but all signs indicate one probability. At 5 pm, the NC Forest Service banned all open burning and revoked all burn permits throughout the state. This is valid until you are notified later.

“It’s somehow artificial, and once again, it’s a big window,” said Jimmy Holt, North Carolina Forest Ranger. “There are many possibilities.”

According to Holt, 500 acres will be burned and a total of 900 acres will be burned in a wildfire.

“There are many,” Boggs said. “That’s scary.”

The dryness, wind, and forecast of no rain are worrisome to the crew. The plan for the attack is to contain what is there and keep it away from homes, visitor centers, and other buildings on Pilot Mountain.

“We allow the fire to go down the mountain because we can’t keep track of where the fire is,” Holt said. “Then, launch from those containment lines.”

At the local volunteer fire department, the community appeared with all its might, with a pile of food and water.

“We have a lot of support,” said Lieutenant Matthew Norman. “We can definitely feel the support from our community, and we are really grateful, and they are out all night from Saturday.”

Known for its distinctive knobs at the top, Pilot Mountain is a popular hiking spot.

“We will go up after the church every Sunday,” said resident Joyce Oneal. “We had a picnic and sandwiches and walked around the mountains.”

Many people are now wondering what remains.

“I don’t think it will be a quick recovery,” Boggs said.

The last prescribed burn was 2019. Holt said he helped the firefighters fight the fire. Just 20 miles away, the crew has just finished choking the flames at Solartown Mountain. It proved how dry the area was and how desperately the crew needed rain.

North Carolina issues statewide burn ban over Pilot Mountain forest fire Source link North Carolina issues statewide burn ban over Pilot Mountain forest fire

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