North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn concedes GOP primary to Edwards – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2022-05-17 22:38:09 –

Raleigh, NC (AP) — First US MP Madison Cawthorn granted a Republican primary on Tuesday and expelled Senator Chuck Edwards. Parent Donald Trump’s Fire Brand From Congress after his personal and political blunders have been transformed into the misery of the members.

Corthorn called Edwards to acknowledge Edwards’ major 11th Parliamentary District, Lukeball, a spokesman for the Corthorn campaign, told The Associated Press.

The AP late Tuesday did not call the race where Edwards led Corthorn and six other Republican candidates and almost all votes were counted. Kosorn became nationally famous after winning a seat in the mountainous region at the age of 25 in 2020.

Edwards is a fast-food franchise owner and is advancing to the November elections for Democrat Jasmine Beach Ferrara, who won the Democratic primary of six candidates on Tuesday.

Kosorn was a supporter of Trump’s voice, and due to a series of unforced mistakes, the top Republican leader in North Carolina opposed him. Senator Thom Tillis, who supported Edwards, said Corthorn was embarrassing to his members.

“The Republicans chose Chuck Edwards tonight. He is the embodiment of the mountain values ​​that fight for them with honor and integrity every day in Congress,” Tyris said in a news release.

Kosorn faced a negative reputation for speeding and gun violations, and for calling Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky a “thug.” And his first decision to run for reelection elsewhere only returned to District 11, but it didn’t work for many locals.

Within days of taking office in early 2021, Corthorn asked at a “stop steal” rally about the victory of Joe Biden’s presidential election prior to the January 6 riots in the Capitol.

Corthorn soon became a major spokesperson for Trump’s “America First” policy and conservatives in cultural warfare. Trump supported him.

In addition to remarks about being invited to the orgy, Corthorn said he saw leaders in the movement to end drug addiction using cocaine. House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy publicly rebuked him for his remarks.

Cawthorn has been stopped by police for three quoted drives since October and has been shot at airport checkpoints twice since last year, including last month. And a video released in the last few weeks of the campaign showed Cawthorn in a sexually suggestive pose.

Corthorn admitted speeding and gun quoting as a failure, but the video was part of a “drip campaign” by his political enemies, including Republicans, a negative story about the district. Said it was flooded with.

Kosorn was considered a rising star by many conservatives when he won a major final vote in vacant seats by Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in 2020.

After being partially paralyzed in a car accident as a teenager, Cawthorn, who is in a wheelchair, turned 25 during the 2020 campaign.

In a post on the eve of the election on social media site Truth Social, Trump asked voters in the primary to support him again. !! “

Corthorn said Trump’s support was strong, saying the results were still uncertain when he told reporters at the campaign headquarters in Hendersonville Tuesday evening.

“I found that most people in politics would turn their backs on you with a heartbeat if it wasn’t politically favorable to them,” he said. “But no matter what you face, when Donald Trump has your back, he has your back to the end.”

Corthorn’s biggest political mistake may have occurred last fall when he decided to run for another US House of Representatives seat that could facilitate re-election bids. Edwards and others have accused Cowthorn of trying to leave his members for political convenience.

Edwards, 61, runs a McDonald’s franchise in western North Carolina. He joined the Legislature in 2016 and climbed the senior chamber of commerce ladder to take more substantive steps with recent chairs, including small businesses, guns, and immigrants.

He supports a bill rejected by Democratic Governor Roy Cooper and helps all county sheriffs assist federal immigrants and customs enforcement by detaining prisoners who believe they are illegal in the country. Would have requested. Senator Chuck Edwards in the Republican parliamentary primary.

North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn concedes GOP primary to Edwards Source link North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn concedes GOP primary to Edwards

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