North Korea claims to have tested long-range cruise missiles

North Korea He said he had successfully test-launched a newly developed long-range cruise missile over the weekend. This is the first known test activity in a few months and Stuck in nuclear negotiations With the United States.

The Korean Central News Agency said on Monday that a two-year cruise missile successfully attacked a target 932 miles away during flight tests on Saturday and Sunday. North Korea welcomed the new missile as a “very important strategic weapon” to meet its leaders. Kim Jong-unA call to strengthen the military power of the country.

South Korean troops did not immediately confirm the North Korean test.

North Korean missile experiment
This combination of photographs, provided by the North Korean government on Monday, September 13, 2021, shows tests of long-range cruise missiles conducted September 11-12, 2021 in a private location in North Korea. I am.

Korean Central News Agency by Associated Press / Korea News Agency

Kim doubled his pledge to strengthen nuclear deterrence in the face of US sanctions and pressure during a January ruling Labor Party meeting, long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles, new sophisticated assets including nuclear weapons. Issued a long wish list-powered submarines, reconnaissance satellites, tactical nuclear weapons.

Since the collapse of the summit between Presidents Trump and Kim in 2019, when the US and North Korea rejected North Korea’s request for relief of large-scale sanctions in exchange for a partial abandonment of nuclear power, the US and North Korea Negotiations between Korea are at a standstill. The Kim administration has so far rejected the Biden administration’s offer of dialogue, demanding that Washington first abandon its “hostile” policy.

North Korea continues its tradition of measuring Washington’s reaction and testing the new U.S. administration with a demonstration of weapons aimed at robbing concessions, by launching two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea in March. We have completed a one-year suspension of ballistic tests.

However, there was no known test start in the months that followed, as Kim focused national efforts to fend off the coronavirus and save the broken economy further damaged by the closure of the pandemic border.

North Korea claims to have tested long-range cruise missiles

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