North Korea launches ballistic missiles suspected of launching submarines

Seoul, South Korea — — North Korea On Tuesday, South Korean troops launched at least one ballistic missile into the sea, described as a weapon most likely designed for submarine-based launches.The test was marked as probably the most important Demonstration of northern military power Since then President Joe Biden Inauguration.

The launch took place hours after the United States reaffirmed its offer to resume diplomacy on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. It emphasized how North Korea continues to expand its military power as diplomacy pauses.

In a statement, the South Integrated Chiefs of Staff detected that the North had launched a short-range ballistic missile, presumed to be a submarine-launched ballistic missile, from the waters near the eastern port of Sympo, and South Korean and US troops launched it. In-depth analysis.

South Korean troops said the launch was at sea, but did not elaborate on whether it was launched from a ship submerged in water or from another launch pad on the surface of the sea.

The US Indo-Pacific Army said the recent launch of North Korea did not pose an imminent threat to US personnel, territory, or that of its allies.

“The United States condemns these actions and urges North Korea to refrain from further unstable actions,” he said using the abbreviation for the Democratic People s Republic of Korea, which is the official name of North Korea.

However, Japan’s defense minister, Nobuo Kishi, said his first analysis suggested that North Korea had launched two ballistic missiles. The Japanese Coast Guard issued a maritime safety advisory to the vessel, but it was not immediately clear where the missile landed.

The Niura Shipyard is the center of the major defense industry where North Korea is focusing on the production of submarines. In recent years, North Korea has developed a ballistic weapon system designed to be launched from submarines using Sinpo.

North Korea had Last tested SLBM In October 2019, however, the missile was launched from land, and South Korean analysts said it flew farther than the rocket launched on Tuesday.

U.S. condemns North Korea’s missile test


Analysts expected North Korea to resume testing such weapons after deploying at least two new SLBMs during the 2020 and 2021 military parades. Launch multiple missiles.

Professor Kim Dong-yub of the North Korean Research University in Seoul told CBS News Jen Kwon on Tuesday that the missile’s flight path, which was tested on Tuesday, appeared to be shorter than the previous previous test, a failure. Launched, or perhaps in his opinion, said it could have been one of the new missiles on display in recent years.

“Looking at the pattern of recent weapons tests fired by North Korea, it seems that a mockup was announced at the military parade in October 2020 and is currently being tested in January this year,” Kim told CBS News. rice field. “This seems to follow the five-year plan to strengthen defense capabilities discussed in. [North Korean] The 8th Party Convention. “

Kim said the North Korean administration “performed in the military field” to supplement the harsh economic reality given by the coronavirus pandemic and the raft of international sanctions on Pyongyang in the eyes of the poor masses of the country. Is trying to maximize. “

South Korean officials held a National Security Council and expressed “deep regret” for the nevertheless launch Efforts to revive diplomacy.. South Korea’s strong reaction could upset North Korea, which has accused Seoul of hypocrisy for criticizing North Korea’s weapons tests. Expand your own traditional military power..

North Korea tests long-range missiles


North Korea ends the month-long stagnation in September, strengthens weapons testing while making conditional peace proposals to Seoul, and revives a pattern that puts pressure on South Korea to get what it wants from the United States. rice field.

North Korean Prime Minister Kim Jong-un is developing a submarine-launched ballistic missile because he wants a more viable nuclear deterrent that can threaten neighboring countries and the United States, an international study at Ewha Womans University in Seoul. Professor Leif Eric Easley said. ..

Easley added that North Korea “is politically unacceptable to appear to be lagging behind the regional arms race” with its South neighbors.

“North Korea’s SLBMs are probably far from being operationally deployed with nuclear warheads,” he added.

North Korea has been working hard for years to gain the ability to launch nuclear-armed missiles from submarines. This is the next important part of Kim Jong Un’s nuclear weapons, including a wide range of road-moving missiles and ICBMs that can reach the continental United States. ..

Kim Jong Un-090921.jpg
North Korea’s guidance at a military parade held to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the Republic’s founding at Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang with a dateless image provided by the Korean Central News Agency on September 9, 2021. Kim Jong Un. KCNA via REUTER

KCNA via Reuters

Still, experts say that for years, resources and major technological improvements have been required to build a fleet of at least some submarines that allow severely sanctioned countries to move quietly through the sea and strike reliably. I say it is necessary.

Within a few days, Biden’s North Korean envoy, Sung Kim, will meet with US allies in Seoul on the prospect of reviving talks with North Korea.

Nuclear negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang have stagnated for more than two years over disagreements over the lifting of US-led sanctions on North Korea and the exchange of North Korea’s denuclearization measures.

However, while North Korea appears to be trying to use South Korea’s desire for North-South involvement to draw concessions from Washington, analysts say the Biden administration has taken concrete steps towards North Korea’s denuclearization. He says there is little room for shaking in Seoul, as it is intended to maintain sanctions until it is taken.

“The United States will continue to contact Pyongyang and resume dialogue. Our intentions remain unchanged. There is no hostile intention to North Korea and we will meet without preconditions,” Sung Kim told reporters on Monday. I’m ready. “

Last week, Kim Jong Un reviewed a powerful missile designed to launch a nuclear attack on the US mainland during a military exhibition and was “invincible” to deal with what he called permanent US hostility. I vowed to build an army. Kim previously rejected the US offer to resume negotiations without preconditions in a “cunning” attempt to hide hostile policies towards North Korea.

Last month, the country tested a variety of weapons, including the development of new cruise missiles and hypersonic missiles that could carry nuclear warheads. In the test of supersonic missiles on September 28, North Korean Ambassador Kim Song permanently completed joint military exercises with South Korea and the deployment of strategic military assets to the region in a speech at the UN General Assembly. It was done just before I asked to do it. ..

North Korea launches ballistic missiles suspected of launching submarines

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