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Seoul, South Korea-North Korea said it had successfully tested what is called a new long-range cruise missile over the weekend, building its ability to provide strikes to South Korea and Japan’s US allies with nuclear-armed leadership. I renewed my concern.

Experts will consider what the missile test shows about the ambitions of North Korea’s isolated ruler, Kim Jong Un, and whether this presents a new threat.

Missile design

According to experts, the missiles launched over the weekend are likely to look like US Tomahawk cruise missiles and are designed to overwhelm the missile defenses of North Korea’s neighbors.

The missile, which North Korea described as a “new long-range cruise missile,” is a “very important strategic weapon” that responds to Prime Minister Kim Jong-un’s call to strengthen its military power and carries nuclear weapons.

Pyongyang’s official South Korean central news agency said on Monday that the missile had traveled over land and water for 126 minutes along an “oval and pattern 8 flight trajectory.” He demonstrated his ability to hit targets 1,500 kilometers (932 miles) away.

North Korea has previously tested anti-ship cruise missiles, but experts say the latest test missiles are likely to be manufactured with a variety of designs and engines that improve range and maneuverability. ..

New threat

Data from the tests are limited so far, but it is clear that the new missile represents “another important milestone in North Korea’s nuclear program,” said Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation. Affiliated company Melissa Hanham said.

North Korean rulers are likely heading towards loading cruise missiles on submarines and other naval vessels as they seek to create new transport mechanisms for nuclear weapons, Hanham added.

“Cruise missiles are almost like small planes, which can be very accurate,” Hanham said. “They can turn the corner. They can enter valleys where radar cannot easily see them. It will be a much more difficult problem for South Korea and Japan to monitor.”

Seoul, Washington and Tokyo said they were considering the latest North Korean tests, but did not immediately announce a particular assessment from the military.

Regional ambition

Kim has been with a nuclear bomb designed to target his hometown in the United States since 2018, when he began diplomatic relations with former President Donald Trump while trying to harness his weapons to ease sanctions. North Korea’s test of long-range ballistic missiles has been unilaterally stopped.

However, North Korea continues to pursue policies that threaten regional conflicts.

Kim maintained a halt to nuclear and long-range tests after the collapse of talks with Trump in 2019, but North Korea has since increased the number of short-range solid fuel weapons launched from land launchers. Tested the weapon.

Experts say these weapons threaten South Korea and Japan because they can be quickly launched from vehicles and move in flat orbits, making them difficult to detect and intercept by defense systems.

Technical problem

New cruise missiles potentially expand North Korea’s ability to attack Asian rivals, but information released by official press has indicated the need for technological improvements, South Korea’s science and technology policy missiles. Expert and emeritus researcher Lee Chun Gun said the institute.

Weapons were slower than cruise missile standards, moving at about 200 meters (218 yards) per second. It is also unclear whether North Korea has accurate computerized data on South Korea’s geographic features, or whether it can convey that information to missiles to navigate the terrain and find targets.

If North Korea gained the ability to arm missiles with miniaturized warheads, accuracy issues would not be so important, Lee added.

“South Korea probably has the tightest air defense network in the world, but if North Korea launches its cannons, low-flying short-range missiles, submarine-launched missiles, and cruise missiles in large numbers at once, it is still difficult to respond. Probably, “Lee said.

Kim’s bluff?

North Korea’s latest test was conducted before Biden’s Special Representative for North Korea, Sung Kim, met with South Korean and Japanese counterparts in Tokyo this week to discuss deadlocked nuclear diplomacy with North Korea.

In a recent political speech, Kim vowed to strengthen nuclear deterrence, but his government refused to overture the Biden administration’s negotiations and asked Washington to abandon its “hostile” policy first. Prompted.

But Kim is facing perhaps the toughest test of nearly a decade of governance, with North Korea maintaining an indefinite border blockade in a coronavirus pandemic and uncertain. You may be considering returning to the negotiation table. For the end of international sanctions.

Cruise missiles were clearly a statement of rebellion against Washington, but tests probably showed that North Korea was suffering from more provocative weapons systems such as submarine-launched ballistic missiles, Ana of the Asan Policy Institute in Seoul. Liszt, Do Hyogun Cha, said.

He questioned whether cruise missiles would significantly enhance North Korea’s ability to attack its neighbors unless it showed its ability to launch from underwater.

“If North Korea had that ability, it would certainly have shown it by now,” Cha said.

“It’s possible that North Korea has technically hit a wall and squeezed out what it can do,” he added.

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North Korea says it tested new long-range cruise missiles: Experts weigh in on threat, what it shows about Kim Jong Un Source link North Korea says it tested new long-range cruise missiles: Experts weigh in on threat, what it shows about Kim Jong Un

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