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North Las Vegas expands Southern Nevada Urban Micro Academy with kindergarten and STEAM programs – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-08-04 08:18:16 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — When the coronavirus pandemic closed schools and forced students to study in front of laptops away from teachers and friends, the city of North Las Vegas learned structured by those students. We fought for options to provide an environment.

Councilor Pamela Goynes-Brown (D) Ward 2 led the creation of the Southern Nevada Urban Micro Academy, a microschool that takes small groups of children of all grades to the same place with qualified instructors. did. Lost in distance education.

“It’s a real school. I’m often asked for it,” Goynes-Brown said.

Councilors called for parents of the program to revive SNUMA even if most children returned to face-to-face learning, and city leaders added access to kindergarten children and implemented the STEAM program. Said decided to expand.

“We are probably preparing this generation for work that has not yet been created, so we want to allow them to compete in such a global society,” Goins Brown said.

Patricia Farley, one of four mothers, tried Microschool when the pandemic began. She did not go through SNUMA, but said it was important for her parents in North Las Vegas to have access to the program instead of traditional school education.

“Many problems in the community are best solved by the community,” Farley said. “This is a perfect example.”

Farley said he didn’t know what to do for the children when the COVID first occurred because they had to stay in business while homeschooling the children.

She said the survey found that she had embarked on enrolling children in a microschool program that would help guide them through distance learning.

“The first thing I came up with was that I needed someone who was qualified to teach my children, because the older I became, the more I realized I wasn’t qualified to teach fifth grade,” she said. ..

According to Farley, microschool programs allow many children to learn at their own pace, but they are not suitable for all.

She had to enroll in a private school because one of her daughters completely changed grades from D and F to A and B, the other daughter suffered a loss of program and traditional school structure, and the pandemic intensified. He said he had to. ..

“Every child is different,” she said.

Farley is pleased with SNUMA’s expansion and will continue to use microschools for children who thrive in the environment, so Clark County is looking for similar options that are closer to him. I hope to take advantage of it.

Southern Nevada Urban Micro Academy is free for parents to register and is interested in North Las Vegas vegans North Las Vegas City Website..

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