North Myrtle Beach Rescue Squad unveils new amphibious boat – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2022-08-02 17:00:19 –

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) — The North Myrtle Beach Rescue Team unveiled a new amphibious boat on Tuesday.

Acquisition of new boats has been going on since 2017. Rescue team members say it will help increase deployment to emergencies.

“North Myrtle Beach Rescue is equipped with equipment and technology that has never been seen before,” said Greg Richardson, captain and spokesperson for the North Myrtle Beach Rescue.

A 2022 amphibious rigid hull inflatable boat that also functions like a car. This allows the North Myrtle Beach Rescue Team to stay afloat from driving on the beach.

“You don’t have to bring a trailer to the beach, put it back in the water, unload the boat, move the trailer, turn the boat around and take off,” Richardson said.

The new boat also comes with new equipment, including sonar.

“We could draw an outline of what the shape would look like, recover a body, or find a sunken jet ski or a boat like that,” he said.

The boat, which costs about $270,000, was purchased for the community by the community through a volunteer rescue team, Richardson said.

“The community trusts us with donations and we [want to] Make sure you use them correctly to provide the services you need,” he said.

The boat can carry up to 8 people, which is faster and more efficient than using a 3-4 person jet ski crew. Richardson says it can also be used for flooding in areas like Cherry Grove.

“Whether it’s after a tropical storm or a spring tide, when the flooding is massive, we’re called,” he said. “Some people get trapped. If the car is trapped, they can drive through the water.”

Richardson said the boat should be in service within the next two weeks. He hopes that at least six of his rescue workers will qualify as captains.

The rescue team’s current boat is about 20 years old. Richardson said the department will continue to use it until it starts costing too much to maintain it as a backup.

North Myrtle Beach Rescue Squad unveils new amphibious boat Source link North Myrtle Beach Rescue Squad unveils new amphibious boat

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