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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-12-01 23:07:56 –

Warren, Ohio (WJW) – Northeastern Ohio Ticktaku The star’s house was attacked by police officers on one of his exotic rescued pets.

Called “Rico Exotic,” a Cleveland native with nearly two million followers, says he slept soundly last week when a policeman broke the front door and broke into the house.

“I heard a knock on the door, and by the time I got downstairs, the door was kicked, and when I turned the corner, I saw a lot of firearms on my face,” asked the 22-year-old woman. Due to his large number of followers, he is identified by his TikTok name for security reasons.

He says police officers provided him with papers and accused him of illegally keeping dangerous wild animals.

It was a savanna monkey named Mike that he obtained over a year and a half ago and registered through the United States Department of Agriculture.

However, the attack was carried out by the Ohio Agricultural Department.

“They told me they could come back at any time, and they said you should move faster than us, so I called someone who could take care of him,” Rico said. Exotic said.

Moving the mic only put him in more trouble.

He says he was said to be prosecuted for “falsification of evidence.”

In a statement sent to FOX 8 News, a spokesman said in part: ORC 935.01“We don’t have a dangerous wildlife permit from this monkey’s Ohio Agricultural Department,” said RicoExotic. A spokeswoman is now “cooperating with the Tennessee Agricultural Department on animal location, health and welfare.” I’m doing it. “

In 2012, Ohio passed the “Dangerous Wildlife Act” because it had to kill 48 exotic animals, including 18 Bengal tigers, after escaping land in Zanesville, Ohio.

But Rico Exotic says he loves his animals and will do everything he can to continue to take care of them.

After everything that happened, including the damage to his house during the assault, he hires a lawyer and continues to fight for Mike.

“It’s more than just love. I feel like I’ve been placed here to protect them and save them,” he said. GoFundMe I just bought a house and built all the enclosures so I can find a new one. Now you need to start over. “

Northeast Ohio TikTok star fighting to keep monkey Source link Northeast Ohio TikTok star fighting to keep monkey

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