Northern Ireland Protocol could soon create a new line between Britain and Europe

MOST Excitement for the May 5 Northern Ireland Assembly Elections Focusing on the Sinn Féin Party Become the biggest party, And about the outlook for United Ireland. But the story of reunification is speculation.Much more pressing concerns Northern Ireland ProtocolPart of the Brexit Withdrawal Treaty, which maintains the states except the United Kingdom EUA single commodity market creates a customs border in the Irish Sea.

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Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) Is second only to the Sinn Féin party and dislikes the protocol to undermine the relationship between Northern Ireland and the “mainland.” It refuses to rejoin executives until the protocol is obsolete or radically changed. In response, Foreign Minister Liz Truss is reportedly planning to submit a new bill to abolish most of the Protocol within a few days. That would be a terrible idea.

First, it’s an undemocratic reaction to the new Congress, and Katie Hayward of Queen’s University Belfast has a majority of 54-36 members in favor of maintaining a fine-tuned protocol. Say there is. This is not the body that will vote against the Protocol when the Convention permits it in 2024. Second, if Boris Johnson himself negotiates, signs, and denies a treaty that he won and ratified 30 months ago, he would violate international law (generally, think clearly differently). .. The claim that he was forced into it, or that the protocol was always intended to be temporary, is false.

Third, the unilateral suspension of the Protocol cannot resolve the trilemma that led to the creation of the Protocol. It is impossible to leave the single market, but there is no north-south border control with Ireland or east-west border control with the United Kingdom. By further undermining mutual trust, unilateral action also undermines the chances of successful negotiations to ease the application of the Protocol.

Despite Mr. Truss’s impatience after months of such discussions, they were still able to help. The EU Last October, he offered a concession stating that it would eliminate up to 80% of checks at the sea border. We accept free movement of medicines. More can be done to reduce customs inspections and facilitate more free transportation and online delivery of pets.And the government can move towards closer collaboration EU Food safety standards delight British farmers. However, if one side loses credibility by renewing the treaty, it is almost impossible for either of these to be agreed.

To make matters worse, if you unilaterally discard the protocol, EU It can get out of control. Mujtaba Rahman of Eurasia Group, a consulting firm, EU Be cautious before starting a trade war. Especially because we know that the bill can be blocked in the House of Lords. However, Brock will not renegotiate the withdrawal treaty and will resume legal action against the United Kingdom for failing to fully implement the Protocol. Curry management will be strengthened and the Dover queue may be longer. Conflicts are especially misunderstood when there is a premium in Western unity against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the economy is in dire straits.

Even domestic politics looks poor. Ms Truss may be praised by the hardline Tor y Brexiteers. Boost her chance Lead the party. And Johnson may want voters to always support him in any dispute with Brussels. But since he won the 2019 election with a promise to “complete” Brexit, another huge line reminds people that it’s not really the case. ■■

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Northern Ireland Protocol could soon create a new line between Britain and Europe

Source link Northern Ireland Protocol could soon create a new line between Britain and Europe

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