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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-05-14 21:58:30 –

Akron, Ohio (WJW) — A Local police officer Is suing Ohio Highway Patrol, Claimed to have violated his civil rights when state police arrested him for drunk driving. Federal proceedings allege that the soldiers had no reason to pull him or accuse him of having a disability.

Fireworks were illuminating Akron’s sky at around 10:15 pm on July 4, last year, while Ohio trooper Kelsi Osborn was chasing a pickup truck heading north on Route 8 near I-77. .. She pulled the driver closer to Perkins Street, claiming he was speeding up and out of the lane.

“Why are you so fast?” Troopers can be heard asking the driver in a dash cam video provided by the state highway patrol.

“How much did I have to drink tonight?” She asked.

Driver Craig Wilson, a police officer in Northfield Village, says his wife had to go to work, so he drank a glass of beer an hour ago and hurried home. Trooper Osborne has conducted several field drinking tests.

The trooper tried to do a breath test, but the equipment broke down. According to the video, Wilson refused to breathe into the drinking detectors of other soldiers and wondered why he suspected he was disabled.

“Just because you haven’t fallen doesn’t mean that I have no clue that I’m showing signs of other disabilities,” said Trooper Osborne. “Your speech, you couldn’t keep the lane, your speed was up and down, up and down, up and down, and yes, your eyes are enough to arrest you, I see.”

She then arrests Wilson and reads his Miranda rights.

“I counted the steps out loud. I turned my hands down. I didn’t stumble,” Wilson says.

“You are a patrolman, you know how to do these tests,” says Osborne.

“I’m a police officer isn’t the reason for arresting me at OVI,” Wilson replies.

Wilson was charged with OVI, weaving in the marked lane, and the prosecutor was fired a few weeks later.

“Dashboard camcorders do not portray such” violent turns “or marked lane violations, according to a proceeding filed in the U.S. District Court in Akron on Wednesday against Trooper Osborne and Highway Patrol, Ohio. “And” the voice portrays him as if he were speaking vigilantly. “

In a statement, Ohio Highway Patrol said: If a proceeding is filed, it will be involved in the process as the proceeding progresses. “

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