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Denver, Colorado 2022-07-01 12:26:36 –

Grand County, Colorado — Authorities believe the suspect deliberately damaged and destroyed the locks in Northglenn, Versad Pass, resulting in reduced water production in the city.

On June 22, the city of North Glen contacted the Grand County Sheriff’s Office regarding water theft and criminal mischief.

The The city has a waterway on the Berthoud Pass Approximately 11,200 feet divert water through a mountain-to-city system. According to the sheriff’s office, city officials noticed a “sudden and significant” decrease in water volume over the past two days and headed to the pass for an investigation. The Berthoud Pass is about an hour west of North Glen. When they arrived at the ditch, they noticed that some detour gates were intentionally damaged and destroyed.

The sheriff’s office said a reduction in water flow “could cause enormous losses to the city.”

Heather Gaia, manager of the city of North Glen, said the city is dependent on this water source.

“I encourage anyone who may have information related to the incident to come forward,” Geyer said. “We will do everything we can to protect our resources. Respecting the ownership of water rights is important for the fair and equitable distribution of this precious resource in Colorado.”

Such crimes are not victimless crimes, said Grand County Sheriff Brett Schrotlin.

“The residents of the city of North Glen are directly affected by this vandalism,” he added.

This case is under investigation. If you have any information, please call the Sheriff’s Office (970-725-3343) or send an email to the following address: Provide an official statement.

No other details were available as of Friday morning. Denver7 has contacted the Sheriff’s Office and Northglenn Water Resources for more information.

Northglenn water gates on Berthoud Pass damaged Source link Northglenn water gates on Berthoud Pass damaged

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