Norwegian centre-left, recognized by Erna Solberg, takes power

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Norwegian centre-left opponents regained power after an unprecedented eight-year right-wing rule in the country’s oil industry’s future and unequally dominated elections.

According to predictions that counted almost all votes, the centre-left party won 100 seats against the center-right 68 seats.

Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg admitted late Monday night. As a result, Labor leader and former Foreign Minister Jonas Girl Store will take power, meaning that for the first time in 62 years, left-wing prime ministers will be appointed to all five Scandinavian countries at the same time.

“The new majority and the new government will finally be the turn of the ordinary people in this country,” said Store, promising decisive action against the climate crisis and aiming to make Norway more equal. society.

The Nordic countries, which have long been fortresses of social democracy, have experienced an increase in right-wing political parties in recent decades. The Norwegian Labor Party is one of Europe’s most relentless political parties and has been the leader in all elections since 1924, but has consistently declined in support in recent years and the rise of several smaller leftist parties. doing.

“This is a very good result for us. It was a climate and inequality election. The big long-term challenge is how to transition the Norwegian economy in a world that is rapidly transitioning to renewable energy. Are you ready, “former Labor Foreign Minister Espenbers Aid told the Financial Times.

The workforce recorded 26.4%, the second worst result in the last 97 years.

The store has promised to work on increasing inequality, which he claims is the result of Solberg’s policies, but, like her, does not want to prematurely end the largest Norwegian oil industry in Western Europe. I emphasized.

The Norwegian election lacked a central theme until the UN Climate Change Report warned last month that humanity was in “Code Red.” It has brought to life many small parties on the left and right that are accelerating Norway’s transition to a green economy and campaigning away from the oil and gas industry, which still dominates exports.

“The first international gathering we go to is Glasgow [the COP26 climate summit].. We need to lead it right away to clarify something, “says Eide.

The store-priority coalition of the local Center Party and the Left Socialist Party of the Environmental Protection has a small majority in the new parliament.

However, the new Prime Minister is ready for difficult coalition negotiations on issues such as the future of the oil industry and the country’s position in Europe. Both Center and Socialist Left are skeptical of Norway’s position in the European Economic Area and have adopted EU regulations essentially unaffected. Workers said it didn’t want change.

A three-party coalition would mean that Labor leaders would not have to rely on the support of smaller, more radical parties like the Communist Red Party and the Greens. “If this is real, it’s as good as it gets,” Eide added.

The environmental polls on the left are not greens that ended under the 4% barrier needed to win additional seats while improving scores from 2017, but both to unequally strong socialist left and red. It seemed to go mainly.

Norwegian centre-left, recognized by Erna Solberg, takes power

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