Not a weekend washout, but storm chances will return soon for some – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-10-21 19:45:41 –

After a cold and freezing start in some parts of the region, our wind flow will shift to the next 24 days.

The more southerly currents allow the temperature to warm up in the coming days. Before Friday exceeds the 70’s, overnight lows aren’t too cold, but it’s still expected to frost north early in the day.

We are also about to enter a more vigorous stretch with rain that benefits the communities further east within our sights. The first signs of this occur after a dark Friday.

This first round begins on Friday night. Storm tracker radar shows signs of life after 10 pm on Friday. Most soccer games need to be played before this evolves.

Storms will increase from midnight to early morning on Saturday. The target location is in the south-central southeastern part of Kansas. Moisture returns just enough to create an elevated storm where one or two can cause small hail. Heavy rain and lightning also accompany the complex at the beginning of the weekend.

The warm front will rise north this weekend. This position is the focus of the next storm round Saturday night.

Saturday night, marginal risks occur from north-central Kansas to northeastern Kansas, and storms that can hail again can occur. If the warm front is not sufficiently advanced north, this risk area may be adjusted further south of Kansas. Spots in the warm sector of this system can warm up to the late 70’s and even the 80’s.

As the storm system intensifies on Sunday, central eastern Kansas will be in a great position to see yet another storm round, some may be strong on Sunday afternoon. In northwestern Kansas, you’ll find wraparound showers associated with this system. As this passes through our area, so does the wind.

Temperatures early next week tend to be above average. Another storm system is timed from Tuesday night to Wednesday.

There is a damp, volatile atmosphere with some violent storms. However, this depends on the location of the system and the timing of the front corridor as to where it blooms in Kansas. Once this cold front has passed, the temperature will reset another cold front for the rest of next week.

Halloween looks still dry at trick-or-treat temperatures from the late 40s to the mid-50s.

– Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman

Not a weekend washout, but storm chances will return soon for some Source link Not a weekend washout, but storm chances will return soon for some

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