Not all of Trump’s time was bad.Progress has been made thanks to social movements | Protest

THe says the devastation of the Trump administration-norms, values ​​and public security, climate and environment, and the rights of marginalized groups-is huge and undeniable. But Pablo Neruda’s old axiom, “You can cut down flowers, but you can’t stop spring,” may explain what happened. Despite opposition, persecution, and true loss, the movement for liberation and justice continued to expand not only in power and achievement, but also in vision.

During the last few days of 2020, people turned up in awe, watching the full moon in late December, the confluence of the rare planets of Jupiter and Saturn at that time, and the magnificent view of the Bay Area here. I saw them again. Starlings mutter over the old Catholic cemetery of San Rafael, and tens of thousands of birds swirl every night in a coordinated flight at sunset. Looking at these concrete sights, I think people sought freedom and breadth in this era of political struggle and the containment of pandemics.

Looking back over the last four years, there is another kind of vast and hopeful expanse. In most cases, the last four years have been counted as far-right atrocities against truth, facts, rights and the body, and the atrocities and their consequences have been important. But that’s not all that has happened since 2016. The grassroots movement for a common understanding of racial and gender justice, economic justice, climate justice, and the relationships between them has grown in power, achievement, and perspective.

The January 6 attack on the Capitol by white supremacists and cultists was historic, but the night before Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff were elected Democratic Senators in Georgia for the first time in decades. I did. Some young sunrise movement climate activists admitted a long game and went to Georgia to work for their campaign: The election of this black man and this Jewish man was a majority in the US Senate to Democrats It meant giving, it meant the possibility of passing strong climate legislation, and supporting international climate agreements meant that this was important to the fate of the world.

In electoral politics, the last four years and the last four November elections have expanded the number and diversity of Democratic coalitions. This included eight unprecedented transgenders elected to public office in the 2017 elections, and a “squad” was born in the 2018 elections. Elections for Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Oman, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and expansion in 2020, victory by Cori Bush and Jamaal Bowman, election for the first native American woman in the House of Representatives, gay governor of Colorado, two Democratic Senate Congressman Nevada (including the first Latina of the Senate, including Catherine Cortez Mast), then Arizona, then Georgia, and a truly progressive and overall more progressive vision of racial and environmental justice. To more elected officials who had. It came from the outside, from the grassroots, from the movement, from the youth.

Looking back 10 or 20 years later, I think right-wing anger is likely to be seen as a reaction to a mature vision and a move towards a more just and equal world. This is not given, but it is possible. What you do in the future will determine whether this will happen.

Many of the seeds planted during the Obama era bear fruit during the Trump era. Black Lives Matter gathered in 2014, and the message was amplified when sports stars began speaking in the summer of 2016. In the case of Colin Kaepernick, he knelt down. The magnitude of the protest was measurable, but something unmeasurable was at least just as important. It is a change in public consciousness. After the public killing of George Floyd in the summer of 2020, the country’s largest protests broke out in small towns across the country, as well as in major cities.

One of the most important and least specific effects of activism is the introduction and dissemination of new ideas, and the change of mindset. For example, the racism behind unequal treatment and unequal judgments by police and courts is much more widely recognized than it was 20 years ago. Many cities have been seriously considering what police cash flow will look like. Also, some cities have already started. For example, in the Bay Area, where the murder of Oscar Grant by transit police in 2009 caused a strong reaction, the transit system decided to hire 20 social workers instead of filling police vacancies.

Feminism was also energized during Trump’s year. In early 2017, a national women’s march, the biggest day’s protest in the country’s history, marching in small towns and major cities from Alaska to Alabama, was resisted by the Trump administration and women. Has established to lead a lot in the next four years of anti-Trump organizations. What came to be called #MeToo in October 2017 recognized that some of the country’s most powerful and well-known men were criminal sexual predators and were protecting them. Opened an unprecedented space to do.

Several actual legislative amendments have been made, including expanding or removing the statute of limitations for sexual abuse crimes in 15 states, but in a broader sense, the mechanism of silence (victims are routinely unbelievable, How to lose credibility, intimidation, harassment, and embarrassment) is much more recognized and is the first step in dismantling it. Again, it’s the hardest to measure the most important changes. At the very least, a potential rapist is a crime that does not occur because he is not confident that he can invalidate the victim’s testimony or escape legal and professional consequences. The desire to infringe and the right to do so diminishes.

These were years of victory and defeat, profit and loss. Betsy DeVos dismantled Title IX rights to victims of sexual assault on college campuses, and a widespread war with reproductive rights has earned women as well as lost them in the last four years. But abortion is one area where you can deprive you of access, but you cannot deprive yourself of your belief in the right to that access so easily. The next four years will continue to struggle over reproductive rights and other issues of gender justice.

Climate change has grown significantly over the last four years. During the Trump era, Lakota water guardian camps and resistance at Standing Rock became a strong crossroads with focus between indigenous rights, environmental justice, especially the fight against pipelines, and climate change. It started when. Standing rock has created more than ever before. Non-indigenous education on indigenous rights and history, a sense of hope and potential for Lakota and other indigenous youth, and inspiration for Alexandria Ocasiocortes’ inauguration. Coming to Standing Rock (Laguna Pueblo organizer and future Congressman Deb Haaland, now a candidate for Biden to lead the Home Office), apologize for the slaughter of the US military by its military, alliance and vision veterans. I remember in 2011 that KXL protesters were told that their activities were in vain and that the completion of the pipeline was inevitable. They were wrong.

Activists helped put the fossil fuel industry on the brink of collapse. Politico recently reported: “When Donald Trump entered the White House in 2017, the U.S. oil and gas industry was weeping as production rose to record levels while clean energy sources were still opening a niche. Currently, oil and gas producers are struggling amid low prices and rising pressure to tackle climate change, while wind and solar technologies are skyrocketing. It tends to help Byden make a U-turn in energy policy from the Trump administration. “On January 6, the Trump administration leased a drill in the National Wildlife Sanctuary in the Arctic while rebels attacked the US Capitol. We held an overwhelming auction.

As the industry collapsed, climate change grew. A new voice emerged. Sweden’s uncompromising tough Greta Thunberg stands out most, from Jane Fonda in her eighties, who had an evacuation drill on Friday, to Valsini Prakash, co-founder and secretary general of the Sunrise Movement. It varies. The Sunrise Movement introduced and amplified the message of the Green New Deal (GND). This includes not only the need for significant changes, but also the practical possibilities and benefits. The GND model has an international influence, overturning the old argument that work and the environment are conflicting goals.

Therefore, progressive changes can occur in the worst case. And often the process of change is so subtle that you don’t even realize it’s happening until you look back. Think about all the movies, books, and other works of art that we once admired. But now there are stigma and oppression that we haven’t noticed before. The act of noticing something that we were not aware of before-it is the result of a change in consciousness that has changed due to activism and progress.

There may be certain new tools for measuring repression-the most famous of which is the Bechdel test-but more clearly and more recognizable than others, not just others. It is only subtly and slowly educated to look comprehensive. Perspectives, but their exclusion, and the nuances of expression and discrimination.

Such a process doesn’t look like a slow increment until you go back to the artwork of the past and make sure it’s still there, but you’re no longer yourself. Looking back on 2016, I think it’s a long time ago. Because these were not only four years of destruction and conflict, but many years of generation and change. You need to feel a sense of accomplishment, not to rest, but to move forward.

Not all of Trump’s time was bad.Progress has been made thanks to social movements | Protest

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