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Not everything about those US Olympic uniforms was terrible …

There were fans In a rebellion. Many American viewers of the minutes of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Tokyo last month were not excited about the highly prepared uniforms of the American team. Created by Ralph Lauren designers, they featured a traditional blue blazer, a striped crew neck for navigation, and an American flag scarf preciously tied to the athlete’s neck. Some viewers used Twitter to express their disappointment by comparing the team to “John Hughes movie bullies” and “fraternity brothers on vacation at Montauk.”

I’m not here to protect these uniforms. As an overall package, they actually made the athlete look like a caricature of the word “preparation.” However, uniforms are not without their benefits. Take that red-white and blue scarf. It sprinkled the otherwise coveted momentary color on the calm clothes. (I also think it helped Bandana absorb the sweat caused by Tokyo’s constant humidity.) In combination with the blue striped shirt, these scarves are always “to catch the thief’s money”. It is no exaggeration to say that I remembered the rough look of Cary Grant. .. “

Still, this styling trick is not universally loved. Some athletes hung the bandana around their neck or never wore it. You’ve probably noticed that a neckerchief like a choker is over-influencing your tastes. Recently, when San Diego-based Navy Petty Officer Izick Espinoza (26) wore a bandana similarly tied to a family gathering, his aunt teased “not enough baguettes.” Is it? ” He may have looked a bit like a French bakery, but Espinosa, like a surprising number of young people, is dressed in a neckerchief and regularly paired with simple T-shirts and shorts. increase. Bandana “just connects everything,” he said, unintentionally snarling.

Other proponents find the bandana-colored nips economically energize sleepy clothing. Last year, while working at home in a casual white T-shirt, copywriter Zach DeLuca, 37, from Fremont, California, said to add “something a little” to his dressdown. , I started wrapping a blue bandana around my neck. Clothes. More recently, he tied a bandana in a dark green sheer soccer suit and a Western-style denim shirt to attend a dinner party. Bandana “worn the perfect suit for this occasion,” he said. And unlike the Olympic team uniforms, his clothes were praised everywhere, he added.

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Not everything about those US Olympic uniforms was terrible …

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