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Preparing a second year wide receiver at Arizona Darren Urban after the reception of franchise record 115

It was clear that a smile sneaked up on DeAndre Hopkins’ face and he was very happy to answer the question he was just asked.

Wide receiver Julio Jones, a potential Hall of Fame candidate, was essentially traded for a second round pick. Just as Hopkins, a potential Hall of Fame candidate, was essentially exchanged for a second round pick the previous year. So what did the Cardinals Pro Bowl Passcatcher think about its development?

“We’re not worth the first round of picks, and the first round of picks are better than us,” Hopkins said with a laugh.

“I want to be able to do what Julio and I are doing in the first round of picks, but everyone is pretty good. The college graduated receiver group is a little more advanced than I was then. There were a lot of touchdowns, but (18) touchdowns-but there are people like Justin Jefferson who brought the ball as a rookie. There are certainly people who Julio and I can do. But I was surprised, shoot.

“I had just stepped out of the first team’s Allpro, so I thought I might only go to the second round, but I’m surprised Julio only goes to the second round pick. “

Hopkins’ ironic use was in the middle of the season, but it’s a more subdued D-Hop to analyze the landscape as veterans are preparing during this week’s mandatory mini-camp.

His first season with the Cardinals was as good as everyone expected. It was highlighted by Hale Murray’s touchdown grabs to beat Bills and 115 catches on the franchise record that produced 1,407 yards and six touchdowns.

But as it was a year ago, Hopkins downplayed certain stats he might ask for and instead looked for the playoff berth he had before the card struggled.

“I want to win the championship,” Hopkins said. “I feel like someone like me who is getting a lot of attention from safety and cornerbacks. I never compare the numbers to the effects on the football field. If you know football, I know the numbers don’t really affect the game. It’s the kind of player you take a double team and allow someone else to be open. “

Such stories reflect what I’ve heard from Hopkins (former?) Teammate Larry Fitzgerald over the last few years. Hopkins’ first Cardinals mini camp is the first Fitzgerald, unsigned and may retire, but has not participated since 2004.

The revamped receiving unit may not have Fitz, but now has a former Allpro AJ Green and a second round Picklondale Moore. The influence of Fitzgerald was real. “I think Fitz marked us with what he taught us last year,” Hopkins said, but Hopkins also believes that the drawing room will be “certainly” improved by 2020. I will.

Instead of Fitzgerald, Hopkins’ 2021 Wingman is now green and has made a fresh start after losing his career injured in the last two years in Cincinnati. Hopkins had a previous relationship with Fitzgerald before coming to Arizona, but not with Green-at least not directly.

However, Hopkins’ four-year senior, Green, is from South Carolina like Hopkins, and Hopkins grew up watching Green flourish in both football and basketball.

“I followed his career wherever he went,” Hopkins said. “I’m honored to be able to play with him.”

Hopkins has a similar mood when talking about quarterback Kyler Murray. Hopkins says chemistry is constantly improving.

“In order to be able to play with such a person at the height of his career, I hope I can come in and make him better,” Hopkins said.

It’s probably safe to say that Hopkins can do that-at least at a level worthy of a second choice.

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