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Notre Dame pulls off historic OT win over Lafayette Christan | High Schools – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-01-19 23:55:00 –

There was no way to underestimate the importance of Notre Dame’s victory over Lafayette Christians 49-43 on Tuesday’s overtime.

For one thing, it has finished eight consecutive years of winning streak in district play for the Knights.

Larger than that, it was the biggest win of the Pioneer Boys Basketball Program in recent memory.

One coach proposed 34 years. More specifically, it was when coach Duke Dagle was playing Pios’s point guard. That’s right, a little over 30 years ago.

“It’s a big win,” said Senior Parker McNice, who finished with 21 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists.

“This gives us a lot of momentum and confidence. We don’t really know if we’re so good. The coach keeps telling us,” Hey, you’re all very good. ” Everyone is special. ”We really don’t believe it. I’m sure this victory tonight is really great for us. “

The first quarter was virtually stalemate, with neither team doing anything offensive. The Knights (11-10) led 5-3 in the second quarter.

“You see the team in the movie, but you have to adjust until you go into the gym and play against them,” Dagle said. “The movie can show you one thing, but the length and speed you have to adapt to it. I think it took some time to adjust the length and speed.”

Pios (10-2) didn’t actually make any adjustments until the third quarter. As a result, Eliya Pete’s Steele and Jumper in the lane gave Knights a 17-7 lead with 3:13 remaining until halftime, and Brayron Richard’s two free throws with 1:19 remaining led LCA. I made it 21-10.

“It just goes in and out of the first quarter,” McNees said. “I need to go back to the gym at 5:30 am and start shooting a little more.”

McNeeds baskets from loose balls are now 21-13 during breaks.

“One of my assistants said that in the locker room.” One of two things is likely to happen. We plan to stretch this lead to about 15 or 20 or cut it to 5, “said LCA coach Jacob Broussard. “They did cut it down. They didn’t do it. It was just a lack of execution.

“We had some people missed the shots they could make. Credit Notre Dame, they got into our heads early and stayed in our heads all night.”

Then, after half-time, everything suddenly changed.

“Easy adjustment,” explained Dagle. “Sometimes you have to put the ball in the hands of your best player and let him penetrate a bit. I don’t think you’ve hit a gap. That’s what we said.

“The gaps in the extended free throw lines were open. Parker happened to hit those gaps, so he was given a diagonal pass to his brother in search of a bucket.”

As a result, Christian McNeeds gained a lot of business in Lane, scoring 10 of Notre Dame’s first 12 points in the third quarter, cutting LCA’s lead to 28-25 and 2 until the final period. I left: 47. He finished with 18 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists.

“Instead of catching the ball and waiting to catch us, it was’man, let’s catch and attack,'” Daigle said. “In the first half they attacked us and in the second half we attacked.”

With 5:34 remaining, Parker McNeeds Drive and Scoo Layup gave Pios the first lead since 2-1 at 33-31.

“They were very patient with the attack and we were very impatient with the defense,” Brother said. “We were running some half-court traps and some full-coat traps. The spin was too fast and we beat many times behind the scenes. In the third quarter, almost all property Lost his position defensively. “

The rest of the game was a seesaw battle that seemed destined for the LCA victory. Especially when Pios was asked for a two-shot foul with 0.9 seconds remaining and the game was drawn 37.

However, Notre Dame missed two free throws and took a big break to force overtime.

Also, to prevent the Knights from getting hot, the sticky defenses played by Christian McNeeds and Teddy Menard over all five periods choked Cam Williams and Pete. Richard and Post’s prominent Mayse Louis were the only double-digit scorers in the LCA with 13 and 11 points, respectively.

“Cam was definitely off tonight, and so was Elijah, but even if you’re protected, you can still play basketball,” Brother said. “Kam is a true freshman. Sometimes I forget he’s 13 years old. He won 26 and 20 in the last two games against a very good Liberty team and Scottish Bill team. did.

“I told them it wouldn’t be easy.”

Parker McNice scored 8 out of 21 and 4 out of 6 free throws during overtime, building a 45-40 lead and maintaining a 6-point victory.

“Our goal was to limit 0 (Pete) and 3 (Williams) to their appearance, and we did,” Dagle said. “Christian McNice and Teddy Menard did something really hard to them tonight. In the changing room, he said,” I think I can win if I get 50 points. ” I told the children who lied, it only cost us 49. “

The Knights also missed six free throws in the loss.

“Credit Notre Dame, the game’s one,” Brother said. “I’ll see you again in two weeks.”

Hoop fans at Pios will enjoy Tuesday’s victory much longer.

Notre Dame pulls off historic OT win over Lafayette Christan | High Schools Source link Notre Dame pulls off historic OT win over Lafayette Christan | High Schools

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