Novak Djokovic has lost a bid for history, but may have finally caught the hearts of fans | Novak Djokovic

NSSomething is wrong. The machine was out of order. The power was blinking. Everyday backhand was on the net. The forehand was flying for a long time. At Amazon, which hosted the British television coverage of the US Open men’s final, users had already begun to express their disapproval in reviews. “Terrible quality,” said one. “There is glitch throughout and there is not enough service.” “Very disappointing quality coverage.” They didn’t talk Novak DjokovicBut they may have been.

Of course, over the years, we have all glimpsed Djokovic in various devastations. Most of the time, you know what that will be. The machine reboots, reinitializes and entitles itself. Debilitating injuries heal spontaneously in minutes. The racket broke and I found that the spare I took out of the bag was made of plutonium. The lost set is revenge with a kind of industrial wrath. Djokovic’s greatest vulnerable moment turned out to be simply recoil, the silence during pregnancy that preceded the orchestra’s crash.

Then Djokovic began to cry.

Novak Djokovic overcame emotions during the switch before Daniil Medvedev took the title. Photo: Kena Betancur / AFP / Getty Images

It was a switch after the 9th game of the 3rd set. The tears came immediately and all at once. Djokovic’s lower lip quivered, exposing his mouth full of wet bruxism. Instinctively he buried his face in a towel, which began to cramp in response to his pain. They were tears of sadness and happiness, and perhaps even embarrassed.Because he was down two sets Daniil Medvedev When he was about to play in the match, the New York spectators were cheering him on as if he were one of them.

Djokovic’s defeat against Medvedev The straight set was unique, important and memorable in every respect. A noble blow when Medvedev beat the road to the first Grand Slam title, the year Djokovic was unable to complete a clean sweep for all four major titles on the calendar. You could even interpret it-for my money-prematurely-as evidence of structural changes in men’s tennis. It is the moment when the new order finally begins to defeat the old.

But for Djokovic, this was another kind of milestone. At the age of 34, he spent more than half of his life playing professional tennis, most of the time against the flow of indifference, against the polite applause and the mood of unspoken grudges. A crowd who, whatever his name, did not keep his taste for his opponents secret.

Perhaps we underestimate how tired this must be at the basic human level. Djokovic is not the idea of ​​anyone’s Paragon. He made some nifty comments about equal pay for equal work for vaccines and tennis. He held a tennis tournament at the height of the pandemic. Give coronavirus to many people.. He bet a strange amount of personal capital on Justingi Melstob, who was sentenced to probation in 2019 for assaulting a man in front of his wife and children.

But people hated Djokovic long before this happened. And over time, strange hostile dynamics emerged between Djokovic and the crowd. It felt sharp, a little mean, and it probably was. However, dialectic was an important factor here. It feels like the fans are booing and whistling, but somehow energizing, fueling and strengthening him.

Novak Djokovic speaks with winner Daniil Medvedev. The runner-up said he was
Novak Djokovic speaks with winner Daniil Medvedev. The runner-up said he was “the happiest man in life” after his applause from the New York crowd. Photo: Ella Lin / Shutterstock

On the other hand, Djokovic as a cartoon villain makes a lot of sense. Long before Sainsbury’s Free From series became fashionable, there was a man who spent his downtime chilling in a high-pressure room that gave up gluten. Its mysterious erect hair looked like Milliband’s third brother who wanted to secretly privatize everything. And this was before we touched his tennis. Elaborate and energy-efficient spring and piston assembly and advanced machine learning, a game where you can quickly find your opponent’s weakest spots and twist them mercilessly, without all consonants and vowels.

As he sat in his chair and held back his tears, he found that under the shell of the machine there was a person with flesh, blood and pain, just like any other person. Perhaps this shouldn’t have surprised us. You probably don’t need to see a person cry to prove that you are part of humanity. But then it may be the price to pay to become a tennis player as inhumane as Djokovic. Perhaps it was a loss that Djokovic had to do to defeat us.

Of course, no one knows where to go from here. Now it feels like ancient history, but even Federer and Nadal (and of course Andy Murray) went through the early stages of their career when they also seemed impregnable, inviolable, and even a little cold. .. Perhaps in Djokovic’s case, the thawing process simply takes much longer, and as he enters the final stretch, the old antagonist feels less and less relevant.

Certainly, this final felt like a turning point. Pause of hostility, perhaps even the burial of a hatchery. “My heart is full of joy and I am the happiest man in my life,” Djokovic said in honor of the audience after the match. He had just lost the devastating final. His devotion to immortality has finally collapsed. Still, at some level, it was difficult to shake the suspicion that he finally got what he always wanted.

Novak Djokovic has lost a bid for history, but may have finally caught the hearts of fans | Novak Djokovic

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