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WWhen the NFL season begins, the problem is someone at AFC Can defeat Kansas City Chiefs.. Well, the question is very different. Are you completely confident that the chief is a good team?Tennessee Titans Humiliation of Chiefs 27-3 On Sunday, with a loss that could put Kansas City into an identity crisis.

At this point, they go to two straight Super Bowls and don’t look like the team that won one of them. Their record this season is 3-4 and they face the very real possibility of missing the playoffs.

It all starts with the defense, which has always been the chief’s weakness. this weak. On Sunday, Kansas City gave Titans a staggering 277 yards in the first half alone, leading to the biggest half-time deficit quarterback Patrick Mahomes faced in his career: 24-0.It’s not a great show (Apparently) The second most expensive defense in the NFL.

In their honor, the Chiefs were able to keep the Titans in the field goal in the second half. The problem was that the only attack they could manage during that period was their own single field goal. It brings us to the most annoying part of the team’s sudden unraveling. Kansas City was expected to take a lump of defense, in other words, it could make up for it with an attack. So far this has not been the case and the main culprit is unexpected: Mahomes.

Mahomes just threw 11 turnovers per yearMore than he has already given throughout the 2019 and 2020 seasons. Since football is the ultimate team sport, Mahomes’ struggle was due to a theoretically reconstructed line of attack and couldn’t keep him upright. Allow 4 bags On the day (some of his interception also depends on his recipients).Most annoyingly, Mahomes’ game ended with a brutal hit that put him in a concussion protocol (he did it. Then clear).

“We need to eliminate turnovers and penalties,” said head coach Andy Reid. Said after the game.. “These are things that weren’t common to us. We’re seeing things we’ve never seen before.”

Something is terribly wrong when a coach who travels as often as Reed is worried.No play has put together the miserable outings of Kansas City better than the ones who found them. The other side of the touchdown Thrown … Titan runs back to Derrick Henry. It was shocking and humiliating, and the product of defense was completely unprepared for what the opponent was trying to do.

Assuming he is healthy after that late hit, Mahomes will be better than he was on Sunday. However, if no other member of the team is on the same page, it may not be a problem.

This Week’s MVP

Ja’Marr Chase, WR, Cincinnati Bengals. Easy Choice of the Week: Chase had eight catches at 201 yards, including an astonishing 82-yard catch and a run for touchdown.It was part of everything Dominant 41-17 victory On top of the dangerous Baltimore Ravens team. The team is currently at the top of the division with a record of 5-2.. Chase is not only an obvious favorite of this year’s aggressive rookie, but also has more receive yards in seven games (754) than players in the first year of history. He has an outside shot at MVP.

This week’s video

The Atlanta Falcons tight-end Kylepits touched down against the Miami Dolphins with one hand was a highlight of his team’s 30-28 victory.With the victory, the Falcons returned to .500 and the dolphins Unexpected nightmare season continue.

This week’s statistics

54. That’s the number of points the New York Jets gave the New England Patriots on Sunday. It was in 1995 that New York last allowed an opponent to give more points in any game. Jets had worse news. Quarterback Zach Wilson was injured in a knee injury during the game. I had an MRI later..

Despite Mac Jones’ reasonably impressive start, it turned out to be a desperate victory for the Patriots, who had yet to win the home game this season. Miami and New York each won one match this season.

This week’s quote

“What … what, what, what are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing?” – Obafemi Ayanbadejo, a radio analyst at Baltimore Ravens.

Chase’s 82-yard touchdown wasn’t the only memorable moment from Bengals’ explosive victory. On the Baltimore side, their broadcasters had to deal with fans trying to climb the booth.

Ayambadejo’s partner Jerry Sandusky (“Jerry” and “G”, Does not matter (To the most notorious Sanduski), fans claimed to be military veterans and were looking for drinks. There are no additional reports as to whether she ultimately succeeded in her quest.

Elsewhere in the league

Tom Brady threw his 600th career touchdown on Sunday. Photo: Mark LoMoglio / AP

-That’s it for everyone talking about the Carolina Panthers unleashing Sam Darnold’s true potential at the beginning of the season. He has returned to pumpkin in the last few games, as evidenced by standing on the bench in a 25-3 defeat to the New York Giants on Sunday.Panthers insist on it He will remain their starter But the loss put them under the .500 mark of the season 3-4.

-Probably an immortal quarterback Tom Brady threw his 600th touchdown on Sunday. This is something no one else has done. It’s unlikely that you’ve paid too much attention to the statistics, as everyone in the field is likely to be as focused on the game as it was in the game. In a day full of many one-sided consequences, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers destroyed the Chicago Bears 38-3.

-Not all Sunday Night Football matches are created the same. Last night’s match was between 2-4 Indianapolis Colts and 2-3 San Francisco 49ers. It’s an ugly game to play in miserable weather, and many Niners fans went home after the first half. As a result, Colts won 30-18, winning his third victory in four games. This may be the beginning of the 49ers Trey Lance era.

-Perfect season watch. It’s possible that only super fans and the luckiest gamblers had Arizona Cardinals as the last team to stand in this particular pool when the season began. Indeed, now the 7-0 Cardinal, with some help from the schedule, provided them with the unfortunate Houston Texans, who have a 1-6 record in the AFC East after the 31-5 defeat. Yes, you are reading that final score correctly, Houston points came from safety and field goals. Arizona’s next opponent will be much tougher. The 6 to 1 Green Bay Packers easily handled the Washington Football Team with a 24 to 10 victory.

-The Detroit Lions will continue to have a successful and unsuccessful season! Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford threw three touchdowns against his old team with a 28-19 victory. The Rams improved to 6-1 but the Lions are now 0-7 and are firmly paced with their very important first overall draft topic.

Now it’s time to worry about Kansas City Chiefs | Kansas City Chiefs

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