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President Joe Biden returns first lady Jill Biden (right) and Secretary of State Antony Blinken (left) to the return of 13 military victims at Dover Air Force Base on Sunday, August 29, 2021. Bow your head while watching. He was killed in a suicide bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan, on August 26. (AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster)

New York (AP) — He again makes a ceremonial journey to the landmark of America’s divine loss. He bows again with a quiet prayer. He repeats the words of comfort for those whose lives have changed forever on that glorious September day 20 years ago.

But this time, Joe Biden retains the position of commander-in-chief, celebrating the anniversary of the country’s worst terrorist attack. He now bears the responsibility of the former president to prevent future tragedy, and must do so against the new fears of increased terrorism after the withdrawal of the United States from the country where the attack on September 11 began. Must be.

This 9/11 is Kabul’s suicide bomber killed 13 U.S. military personnel as troops completed their withdrawal from Afghanistan.. And as Afghanistan returns to Taliban control, there are new concerns that it could be the starting point for attacks that the Biden government is responsible for preventing.

But for Biden, like his predecessor, 9/11 Anniversary can also provide an opportunity to regain the sense of unity of the people following the attack.

“For Biden, it’s the moment people see him as president of the United States, not as president of the Democratic Party,” said Robert Gibbs, spokesman for President Barack Obama.

“Americans are somewhat at odds with what they see from Afghanistan in the last few weeks,” Gibbs said. “For Biden, it’s a moment to reset some of it. Tell people what it means to be a commander-in-chief and what it means to be a national leader at such an important moment. Please remind me. “

To commemorate Saturday’s solemn anniversary, the president pays homage to three sites struck by hijacked planes, destroying the invincible air of the United States, Death of 3,000 Americans..

The ritual does not require him to make a public statement, but Biden video Friday will remember those who lost their lives, comfort their families and celebrate the courage and sacrifice of first responders and service members over the last two decades. He set aside the difference in the country and enthusiastically appealed to regain the spirit of cooperation that was born the day after the attack.

“Unity is what makes us — the best America,” Biden said. “For me, that’s the central lesson of September 11,” he added. “Unity is our greatest strength.”

The first Saturday for the President will stop in New York City. There, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were overthrown as a horrifying world on TV. Then, in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, the plane fell from the sky after fighting terrorists to prevent heroic passengers from reaching their Washington destination. And finally, the Pentagon, where the world’s most powerful army has hit its hometown unimaginably.

Biden’s work, like his former predecessor, will mark the moment with a combination of sadness and determination. Biden, who was hit by a tremendous personal tragedy, talked about the loss with power and eloquence, and has repeatedly tackled the sadness caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which claimed the lives of more than 600,000 people nationwide.

“We all clearly remember that day and how it affected us and how it has affected us over the last few decades,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said this week. Said. “That also applies to him.”

Afghanistan obscures the day.

Osama bin Laden He used the country to master the 2001 attack and led an era of widespread terrorist attacks on soft targets (hotels, office buildings, nightclubs) in western cities. Al Qaeda was routed from Afghanistan in the months following September 11th. However, other groups, including the Islamic State group in Afghanistan, believed to be the cause of the Kabul attack last month, took up the cause.

Biden has long argued that US military missions in Afghanistan have ended, and that the United States needs to stop allowing its soldiers to die there. But for some, the Taliban’s return to power and the threat of terrorism it could create has made the 20th anniversary painful and annoying.

Biden will be the fourth president to comfort the country on the anniversary of the dark day. It shaped many of the most important internal and external policy decisions made by CEOs over the last two decades.

Terrorist attack defined president George W. BushI was reading a book to a Florida schoolchild when the plane crashed into the World Trade Center. He spent the day away from Washington for safety reasons — a decision by then Senator Biden urging him to reconsider, written by the current president — and a short stop speech from the White House to the Land of Terror that night. Did.

The following year, President Bush vowed that “the enemy has begun and is over,” and chose Ellis Island as the place to deliver the Statue of Liberty, his first anniversary speech.

“In the ruins of the two towers, under the flag spread by the Pentagon, at the lost funeral, we made a sacred promise to ourselves and the world. Justice was done and our country We will not forgive until it is safe, “Bush said.

At that time, the country had been at war for months. There was a furious conflict in Afghanistan and an upcoming conflict in Iraq. The US “war on terrorism” reshaped the daily lives of its citizens and expanded government authority, sometimes on the basis of unstable legal grounds, to prevent further attacks.

“A year later, it felt like it was just after the attack, the country was still caught in the consequences,” said Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer. He said all presidents must provide a message of strength as well as a message of “comfort and security.”

“If the United States fails to be vigilant, there are terrorists who want to create September 12, so there is a lesson to learn,” said Freisher.

The war between Iraq and Afghanistan was still deadly when President Barack Obama visited the Pentagon in 2009 to commemorate his first inauguration on September 11.

“Words can’t relieve the pain in your heart,” Obama said. “We remember the beauty and meaning of their lives,” he said. “Neither the passage of time nor the dark sky can blunt the meaning of that moment.”

By the time Obama spoke on his 10th anniversary, bin Laden had been killed and killed in the May 2011 Navy Seal raid. The country was entwined abroad and wary of the threat of terrorism, but once a mountain of twisted steel and terrible agony, a spectacular monument and skyscrapers rise at Ground Zero, a symbol of memory and rebirth. So the anniversary was more about healing.

President Donald Trump promised to evacuate the United States from Afghanistan, but his words at his first September 11th commemorative ceremony in 2017 were a vivid warning to terrorists. You can’t hide anywhere on this very large planet. “

On Saturday, when Biden visits all three sites, Bush pays homage to Shanksville and Obama does the same in New York. Meanwhile, Trump will provide ringside commentary at a boxing match at a casino in Hollywood, Florida.

Now president, Biden to mark 9/11 rite amid new terror fear Source link Now president, Biden to mark 9/11 rite amid new terror fear

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